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Cleanroom Doors and Windows

Entryways, outlets and other openings are critical components of cleanrooms. Great care is taken to ensure the cleanliness of the inside of a room, but an equal amount of effort is required for doors, windows and pass-throughs.

On these pages, find Terra's selection of manual swing, sliding and softwall panel doors, as well as automated, hands-free swing and sliding doors in either single- or double-wide widths. Automated roll-up doors add convenience and efficiency, and can be mounted in walls, or along floors. Terra's window selection includes glass, static-dissipative and other cleanroom-compatible materials. Our durable frames are specially designed to simpify cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleanroom Doors

Manual Doors
Cleanroom-compatible panels are built into swing or sliding doors with rigid aluminum or steel frames; flexible vinyl strip option provides ease of movement

Automatic Doors
Automatic, hands-free doors give you speed and efficiency when entering or exiting the cleanroom. Glass panels are easy-to-clean and provide visibility

Roll-Up Doors
Transfer materials and equipment into cleanrooms quickly and easily with automated wall-mount or floor-mount roll-up doors; no wall-clearance required

Keyless Door Entry
Keep your cleanroom secure with a keyless entry access control system that allows authorized personnel to enter and exit easily via secured access.
Cleanroom Windows

BioSafe® Windows
Windows with stainless steel frames increase cleanroom visibility; offered as tempered glass, fire-rated, static-dissipative and other clean materials

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video High-Speed Roll-Up Cleanroom Doors
High-speed operation allows between-room transfer of large carts and equipment in a high-cycle operation.