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Cleanroom Lighting

Fluorescent and LED Lights
  • Full range of fixtures, including sealed energy-efficient, no-maintenance LED panels, makes it easy to configure the optimal lighting for your application
  • Select 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) ceiling module for placement in the ceiling grid, or Teardrop Lights for installation below the grid
  • Flow-Through units are ideal with dense FFU ceiling coverage
  • LED light strips and panels produce less heat to reduce cooling costs

Terra offers a variety of cleanroom lighting modules.

For applications that do not require 100% FFU ceiling coverage, 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) fluorescent or LED modules can be positioned in unused ceiling grids.

For applications that require total or near-total FFU ceiling coverage, teardrop, LED and flow-through lighting modules are available. Teardrop fluorescent lights mount to the ceiling grid in-between the FFUs. Their aerodynamic design does not interfere with the laminar airflow. Each of these single-tube lights requires 6" (152 mm) of vertical clearance below the FFU filter face.

As an alternative to teardrop lights, you can select 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) flow-through lights, which are stacked below the FFU. Flow-through lights add 4.75" (121 mm) to the ceiling height but require no vertical clearance below the filter face, making them ideal for low-ceiling cleanrooms.

If energy-use or bulb replacement frequencies are concerns, choose double-stacked light-emitting diode (LED) light strips or 2' x 4' LED panels. The lumen output is similar to fluorescent, but the bulbs can last 5 – 8 times longer, making them nearly no-maintenance. You’ll see a dramatic reduction in heat produced, and a savings of greater than 25% of the energy consumption. Panels drop into unused ceiling bays. The strips are mounted on the ceiling T-grid, so there is no obstruction of laminar air flow.

LED Lights Learn more about the benefits of LED lighting...

led lights
US UL logo CE logo
A. LED Light Panel: 2’ x 4’ (610 x 1219 mm)
Dimmable models meet California Title 24

This sealed light module maintains a positive or negative room pressure and is compatible with ISO 3 – 8 cleanliness standards. Its unique design eliminates crevices and seams that can harbor microbes, making it ideal for bio-pharmaceutical cleanrooms. LED Quantity: 480/panel. Thickness: 0.4" (10mm). Wattage: 80. Temperature: 6000-6500 K. CE marked (UL listed power supply). Ordering Chart

Dimmable models meet California Title 24 and other low-energy regulations. Standard configuration includes one control knob that dims all lights in a cleanroom. Room-by-room dimming controls available (requires separate Power Distribution Modules); call to discuss your

LED lighting strips
LED strips installed
on a cleanroom ceiling grid
B. LED Lighting Strips
Streamlined LED strips are double stacked and attached with hardware to the ceiling grid T-bar. LEDs produce less heat, require less energy and last up to five times longer than fluorescent bulbs. Sixteen feet of LEDs produce 9840 lumens (equivalent to a 2' x 4' four-bulb fluorescent fixture). Price includes power supply and installation; specify linear foot at time of cleanroom order (25-foot minimum). Sign-off drawings will specify light lengths and locations. Ordering Chart

Fluorescent Lights

Ceilling Grid Clean room Lights
2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm)
Fluorescent Ceiling Module
UL logo
C. Ceiling Module: 2' x 4' (610 x 1219 mm)
This 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) painted steel housing includes four T8 fluorescent light tubes, with a total output of 9,440 lumens. Price includes installation (specify desired location when ordering). Ordering Chart

ceiling module
ISO 3 2’ x 4’ Fluorescent
Ceiling Module
UL logo
D. ISO 3 Ceiling Module: 2' x 4' (610 x 1219 mm)
Corrosion-, dust- and water- resistant cold-rolled powder-coated steel houses this 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) T8 fluorescent light, rated for ISO 3. Four lamps provide a total of 9,547 lumens. Price includes installation (specify desired location when ordering). Ordering Chart

Teardrop light
Teardrop Light
UL logo
E. Teardrop Lights
Ideal for ISO 3 or higher cleanrooms, in which near-100% filter coverage of the ceiling leaves no space for standard fluorescent light modules. This aerodynamic design ensures minimal interference of the laminar airflow; the T8 lamp provides 3,150 lumens. Housing is made of stainless steel. Dimensions: 48.5"L x 2.5"D x 6"H (1232 mm x 51 mm x 152 mm). Price includes installation (specify desired location when ordering).


flow through module
Flow-through lighting module
for fan/filter unit
F. Flow-Through Module
Low-profile, fluorescent-tube module creates a light source underneath the fan/filter unit without obstructing air flow. Attach this “cage” beneath a 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) FFU; adds 4.75" (121 mm) to ceiling height. Intensity: 8560 lumens from the four T8 lamps. Must be ordered together with FFU. Ordering Chart

Ordering Information
Cleanroom Illuminators
Module Type
feet (mm)
Total Lumens Voltage Cat. # Price
LED Lights
A LED Light Panel: 2’ x 4’ (610 x 1219) 6000 85-265 VAC/50/60Hz 3800-41 Price
  LED Light Panel: 2’ x 4’ (610 x 1219)
6000 85-265 VAC/50/60Hz 3800-41-DIM Price
B LED double-stacked fixture with power supply
(price per linear foot [305 mm]; 25-foot minimum)
9840** 120VAC/50/60Hz 3800-40 Price
240VAC/50/60Hz 3800-40-220 Price
Fluorescent Lights
C Ceiling Module 2' x 4' (610 x 1219) 9,440 115VAC / 60H 3800-80 Price
277VAC / 60Hz
D ISO 3 Ceiling Module 2' x 4'
(610 mm x 1219 mm)
9,547 115VAC / 60H 3800-35 Price
277VAC / 60Hz
E ISO 3 Teardrop Light (48.5"L, (1232) 3,150 115VAC / 60H 6704-15A Price
277VAC / 60Hz
F Flow-Through Module 2' x 4' (610 x 1219) * 8,560 115VAC / 60H 6704-77 Price
277VAC / 60Hz 6704-77-277 Price

* Order together with desired FFU.

** Calculation based off of 16 feet of double-stacked LED strip lighting; equivalent to four fluorescent T8 bulbs

*** Requires Power Distribution Module and Control Panel for dimming LED (Order Separately)

EnergySaver Light Control System
Allows centralized on/off light control to reduce energy when room is unoccupied. Order EnergySaver Console.

  Cat. # Price
120VAC 6602-22 Price

Easy-Clean Light Guard
Fits beneath any 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) ceiling fixture to allow easy cleaning with most disinfectants. Transparent polycarbonate panel transmits virtually 100% of light. Includes chemical-resistant, noncontaminating gasket.

Cat. # Price
3800-25 Price

Germicidal UV Illuminator
2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) fixture contains four 254 nm UV tubes for germicidal control. Operates on 115VAC or 277VAC, 60Hz power. More . . .

Cat. # Price
3800-26 Price

Fluorescence-Detection UV Illuminator
2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) fixture contains four 365 nm UV tubes for fluorescence detection. Operates on 115VAC or 277VAC, 60Hz power.

Cat. # Price
3800-27 Price
Yellow filters available; call for pricing
Cord Adapter
3pin Cord Adapter for FFUs
Connect your Terra lighting module directly to a wall outlet using this 12-foot cord adapter. Ceiling lights are built with a 3-pin electrical connector for integration with a power module in a modular cleanroom or work station. This adapter allows you to bridge the power connection when a power module is not used. Simply plug the 3-pin connector, that terminates in a NEMA 5-15 plus for connection, into the lighting module power cord and fit the other end into a standard power outlet.

  Cat. # Price
Cord Adapter (3-pin) 120VAC, 60Hz 6601-14 Price

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Calculating Clean Room Cleanliness: How many FFUs and Lights?
This tutorial provides practical tips for correlating the desired cleanliness level (per ISO/FS209 standards) to the required number of fan/filter units (FFUs). Also provides guidelines for specifying lights based on the type of operations being conducted.
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