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Glove Boxes: Isolation & Containment Chambers

Terra manufactures and offers a variety of isolation and containment glove boxes (chambers) in plastic and stainless steel. Isolation chambers provide a controlled environment that protects contamination-sensitive materials from ambient conditions. Containment chambers provide a safe processing environment for biohazards. Select models can be customized.
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Overview and Applications
Terra Universal's standardized environmental controllers let you configure a turnkey glove box system to your requirements for heating, refrigeration, humidity, process gas, vacuum, particles, and static control

Nitrogen Purge
Customizable plastic or stainless steel gas purge systems control relative humidity—wide range of sizes and glove port options

Filtration Glove Box
Filtration Glove Box with easy-to-adjust filtration system provides continuous open-loop/closed-loop ULPA filtration to eliminate micro-contaminants

HEPA Filtration Chambers
Particle filtration chambers are ideal for containment and isolation. Select from several application-specific glove boxes, including USP 797

Vacuum Processing
Customizable systems in durable plastic or stainless steel ideal for drying, degassing and ventilation applications

Aseptic Processing Chambers
BioSafe aseptic processing isolators with right or left air locks can be customized to meet aseptic processing applications; smooth surfaces simplify cleaning

Anaerobic/Hypoxic Processing
Select chambers control oxygen and carbon dioxide; meets CE, UL, CSA and or CAN standards

Controlled Atmosphere
Fiberglass or stainless steel models exceed ISO Class 5 particle levels and Class 1 containment conditions; 2 and 4 glove port models available

Biohazard Containment (Negative Pressure)
CACI or Class II, Type A1 or A2 nuclear pharmacy isolators meet USP 797 and ISO Class 5

Double-Wall, Insulated
Constant temperature isolators decrease cost and time of heating and cooling cycles

Uncontrolled RH Chambers
Economical and portable models ideal for off-site processing; select models lab-certified

Vacuum Antechambers
Support vacuums down to 29.9” Hg for safe, contamination-free pass-through operations

Air Locks, Access Doors
Minimizes nitrogen loss and contamination inflow during parts transfer

Glovebox Accessories
Terra Universal offers everything from filtration modules to nitrogen purge systems, nitrogen generators, RH/temperature data loggers and more for your glove box

Glove Boxes Resources
View, PDFs, videos and compatibility charts, or use our Glove Box Quick Quote to find the right system for your application

  A Primer on Gloveboxes   PDF
Glove boxes are available in application-sensitive materials, including chemical-resistant and static-dissipative plastics. BioSafe® glove boxes provide all-welded seams with coved corners to produce a completely smooth interior that's easy to sterilize.


A complete line of module options are available to configure/customize these chambers for temperature and particle control, static safety, humidification/dehumidification and other critical operating conditions. Contact Terra today to find out about economical glove box solutions for your application requirements.

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