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Laboratory Equipment

We offer lab equipment and instrumentation from some of the most respected brands used in life science, including products for basic sample quantification and purification, precision weighing and analysis, cell culture, DNA amplification, and storage/preservation. Search our product pages for the features and capacities you need, all at affordable prices.

Ovens and Furnaces
Laboratory ovens include high-temperature, vacuum, gravity, convection, and HEPA-filtered; lab furnaces come in high-temperature, muffle, and tube

Refrigerators and Freezers
Choose from Terra's complete line of refrigerators, freezers, and combination units for general laboratory use; free-standing and under-counter models

Cryogenic, Freeze Dry and Concentrator Systems
See our storage and transfer solutions for processed samples, whether the application requires cryogenic temperatures, lyophilization or evaporation

Autoclaves, Sterilizers
Sanitize rooms or equipment with our autoclaves and sterilizers. We offer UVC irradiation, hydrogen peroxide vapor, pure water steam, and infrared

Hot Plates, Stirrers
Hot plates and stirrers for the lab come in aluminum, ceramic, porcelain and steel, with specialized models designed for convenience and safety

Laboratory Balances
Precision balances weigh the smallest samples and are cost-effective and reliable. Automatic controls and data transfer help keep your lab efficient

Shakers, Rotators and Centrifuges
Find the right instrument for your shaking, rocking, rotating, and vortexing needs here! Terra offers Benchmark and ThermoFisher Scientific brands

DI, RO and Distilled Water
Everything your lab needs for water purification: distillers, filters, cartridges and purifiers. Reverse osmosis and deionization systems are self-contained and compact

Constant-Temperature Wet Baths
These high-precision temperature-controlled heating and cooling baths are durable and reliable. We also carry chillers and circulators

Dry Baths
Programmable and compact dry baths allow precise control over temperature to protect samples. Benchmark and Torrey Pines Scientific brands are reliable and affordable

Analytical Equipment
Complement your life science research with our selection of spectrophotometers, colorimeters, cell density meters and electrophoresis equipment

Microplate Equipment
Process microplates with Jencons fillers, washers, shakers and incubators. These reliable, precision instruments accommodate 96- and 384-well plate formats

Cell Disruptors
Accelerate sample reactions with these sonicators and homogenizers that disrupt cell structures, emulsify, suspend, disperse or mix materials

Liquid Handling
Single- and multi-channel pipettes that are ergonomic and accurate for your precise liquid handling needs. Also see our vacuum aspiration system

Labware Washers
Efficiently clean and dry your lab's glassware with these convenient dishwashers. Flasks and beakers of all sizes fit in interchangeable racks

Lab Aids: Stainless Steel Lab Tool Holders
Stainless steel Petri dish incubation trays, pipette support racks, gel plate drying racks, and microliter pipette racks to organize your lab tools

Related Products
Incubators and environmental test chambers are must-haves for most labs - find our broad selection here, along with comfortable anti-fatigue mats


Lab Equipment