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Portable Laminar Flow Hoods

Terra’s Portable Laminar Flow Hoods provide a vertical or horizontal laminar flow of HEPA-/ULPA-filtered air within compact and mobile enclosures. These versatile clean benches are available in stainless steel as well as several application-specific plastics, including acid-resistant polypropylene and static-dissipative PVC. Optional features include static-neutralizing ionizing modules and a complete line of work benches.
Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods

ValuLine™ Dust Free Hood
An economical solution to contamination-sensitive operations. Narrow top makes viewing contents easy; choice of single or twin hood models

WhisperFlow™ Hoods
Convert any bench into a laminar flow station with this portable, quiet hood. Pick your air flow direction and material; work surface optional

ValuLine™ WhisperFlow™ Hoods
This polypropylene hood is perfect for applications using chemicals; comes with a built-in spill tray. Fan/filter motor is quiet

CleanCube™ Hood
Clear, easy-view hood is designed to be seamless, reducing hiding places for contaminants. Sturdy but lightweight, with a small footprint
Special-Application Laminar Flow Hoods

PCR Workstations
Turnkey laminar-flow PCR Hoods are designed for cloning and amplifying RNA and DNA. They feature our UVC disinfection lamp and pipette shelf

Explosion Proof Hood
Turnkey hood for specialized applications. Fan filter motor and fluorescent light are suitable for Class 1 or Class II, Division 1 working environments

Containment Hoods
Economical laminar flow exhaust hood protects sensitive samples, but contains contaminating dust and vapors. It features a perforated work surface

Heated Processing Chamber
Need testing at temperatures above ambient? This fully-visible chamber uniformly circulates heated air and protects itself against thermal stress

Equipment Enclosures
Store sensitive equipment in this static-safe environment; HEPA filter optional. Modular ports, panels and doors let you configure for your needs