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    1 Data Logging4 Control Level4 Max # of Rooms5 Max # of FFUs4 Display2 FFU Control

    • Smart cleanroom control panel intelligently monitors and controls clean rooms and facilities
    • Connects to EC FFUs for fan control plus monitors differential pressure, temperature, and/or RH
    • Plug-and-play design is field configurable to match your facility layout and needs
    Data Logging: Yes
    Control Level: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4
    Max # of Rooms: 5, 6, 12, 16
    Max # of FFUs: 50, 100, 120, 200, N/A
    Display: 2.4", 3.5", 7", 12.1"
    FFU Control: Remote, N/A
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    Ionizing Bars
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    1 Voltage1 Type4 Length4 Number of Emitters

    • Neutralizes charges that attract and hold particles on wall, tabletops and other surfaces
    • Guarantees intrinsically balanced ionization
    • Emits equal numbers of positive and negative ions and requires no calibration or adjustments
    • One of the most reliable ionizers available
    • Avoids disrupting laminar flow in the cleanroom when mounted beneath fan/filter units (installation kit sold separately)
    Voltage: 120 V
    Type: Ion Bar
    Length: 11", 22", 44", 33"
    Number of Emitters: 2, 4, 8, 6
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    UV-C Sanitizing Module for Fan Filter Units
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    2 Voltage

    • UV-C lamp mounts above FFU motor, below the pre-filter
    • Helps sterilize inside of pre-filter to protect against bacteria, viruses, and mold
    • UV-C Sanitizing module is suitable for air handling in dry locations only
    • Must be ordered with FFU and requires two modules per adapter
    • Not compatible with narrow, explosion proof, or Reverse flow FFUs
    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
  4. HEPA-Check Filter Challenge Beads
    Some ship in 20 - 25 days
    1 Filter3 Diameter3 Quantity9 Manufacturer SKU

    • Packed in easy-to-use dropper-tipped bottles to deliver precise volume of beads
    • Tests the effectiveness of HEPA and in-situ filters
    • HEPA-Check beads are aerosolized before introduced to Filter
    • Beads include trace surfactant to inhibit agglomeration
    • Listed as suitable test material by IEST and EN standards
    Filter: HEPA
    Diameter: 0.12 µm, 0.20 µm, 0.30 µm
    Quantity: 1 bottle, Pack of 6 bottles, Box of 20 bottles
    Manufacturer SKU: HFI2, HF12-PK, HF12-BX, HF20, HF20-PK, HF20-BX, HF30, HF30-PK, HF30-BX
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    2 Configuration

    • Portable base stand safely mounts cleanroom FFU’s above floor for horizontal laminar airflow
    • Horizontal flow FFU stand is ideal when ceiling space is unavailable or overhead system unsuitable
    • Versatile horizontal FFU system can be customized for compatibility with most Terra FFU’s
    • Includes adjustable leveling feet for optimal stability, optional casters for increased mobility
    Configuration: 2 FFU's, 1 FFU
  6. BioSafe classic logoBioSafe classic logo
    3 Size1 Filter Replacement Access

    • Perforated stainless steel shield protects the FFU's sensitive filter media from damage
    • Heavy-duty and chemical resistant 12-gauge 304 stainless steel withstands frequent sterilization
    Size: 2'x2', 2'x3', 2'x4'
    Filter Replacement Access: Room-Side
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252 products meet your criteria.

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  • Explosion-Proof Fan Filter Unit (FFU)
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  • Submittals and Product Data -WhisperFlow Fan Filter Units
  • UL Listed Cleanroom Control Systems

Fan Filter Unit Features and Benefits

Diffuser Panel Promotes Air Flow Uniformity and Protects Filter Integrity

Unlike other manufacturers, Terra’s FFUs include a unique perforated panel beneath the filter, acting as a shower head, to guarantee filter protection and laminar air flow uniformity which prevents localized air swirling, particle build-up and turbulence.

Full Range of Designs, Configurations!

WhisperFlow FFUs come in all styles: room-side replaceable, all-stainless steel, HEPA or ULPA filtration, EC energy-saving fans, reverse flow and more (shown: vapor filtration module with UV sanitation lamp).

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Terra’s comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions for every application and budget. Our technical sales staff will guide you toward the product most suitable for your requirements.

WhisperFlow Quiet Operation Reduces Distracting Background Noise

Exposure to loud noises can lower the ability to focus on work and listen selectively, which may also lead to safety issues. Typical AC units can be annoyingly loud, measuring in the range of 70 dB (comparable to a vacuum cleaner). Terra’s WhisperFlow design produces far lower noise levels for a quiet environment comparable to a library. At 90 ft/min output, units measure under 50 dB from only 1 ft away (roughly 75% quieter than 70dB).

Protect Against Contaminants and Pathogens

HEPA and ULPA filters help capture many bacteria, viruses (COVID-19), and mold spores that contribute to a host of infections for both humans and plant/animal tissue cultures

Gel-Filled Channel on Room-Side Replaceable Filter

Gel-filled channel on room-side replaceable filter forms a tight seal against knife edge on fan housing, allowing fast, simple filter replacement from inside the cleanroom without the need for costly cleanroom shut-down.

Fan Filter Units

  • Terra Universal WhisperFlow® Hoods and Filter Fan Units
  • HEPA Filtered Laminar Flow Cabinet
  • Fan Filter Unit with Vapor-Removal and Sanitizing Module Full Range of Designs, Configurations!
  • COVID-19 Contamination Control Products by Terra Universal
  • Ducted Reverse-Flow Fan Filter Unit COVID-19 Infection Control
  • EC HEPA Fan Filter Unit Smart WhisperFlow Fan Filter Unit with EC Motor
  • Room Side Replaceable Fan Filter Units (FFUs) Room Side Replaceable WhisperFlow® Fan Filter Units (FFUs)
  • Stainless Steel WhisperFlow Fan and Filter Units Stainless Steel WhisperFlow Fan and Filter Units, 2' x 4'
  • 2' x 4' Ducted HEPA Filter Unit Ducted HEPA Filter Unit, 2' x 4'
  • Cleanroom HEPA or ULPA Fan Filter Unit WhisperFlow Cleanroom HEPA Fan Filter Unit
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