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Smart Pass-Through™ with Recirculating HEPA Filtration

  • Double walls create plenum chambers for recirculating filtered air
  • Perforated chamber surface allows air to flow into air return
  • Timer knob lets users control air shower cycle duration
  • Flush mounting on the "clean" side reduces surface areas that collect particles
  • HEPA filter removes contaminating particles of 0.3 um or larger at 99.99% efficiency
  • Clean, brushless DC fan motor
  • Wall-mount in a cleanroom or lab to save time with material transfer
Recirculating air shower pass-through shown with optional support brackets. Controls and pressure gauge on "dirty" side shown (No. 6705-72).
Features Key

A Adjustable timer control knob, with indicator lights
B Magnehelic® pressure gauge
C Status Indicator Light
D Recirculating air plenum
E Perforated chamber surface
F Isolated electrical door interlock

Challenge port (not shown)

Door chime alerts (not shown)

Remove stubborn particles and other surface-deposited contaminants with this flush-wall mounted, recirculating air shower. ISO-rated cleanrooms and labs will benefit from this extra layer of cleanliness. The pass-through is equipped with a HEPA filter to remove particles 0.3 um or larger, with 99.99% confidence level.

Pass-throughs save time and money by bypassing the need for personnel to gown. However, when coming from a non-controlled room, there is the chance of transferring contaminating particles. High-velocity, laminar air directed onto the materials in the pass-through displaces these particles and ensures that the ISO-rating will not be compromised.

Air is directed down and forced through the perforated chamber floor into the air return. Air is then recirculated up and back down through the HEPA filter. This design prevents contaminated air from washing down on top of sensitive materials. Just close the inter-locking door and set the timer for the cycle to begin. Doors remain locked on both sides until the air shower is complete. Indicator lights will glow green or red as the cycle turns on and off.

Status indicator lights confirm that the air shower pass-through is operational. Audible chimes will sound when the air shower cycle is complete, letting busy cleanroom personnel know that doors are ready to be opened. The 24" x 16" fan/filter unit features a Challenge Port for measuring pressure with a differential gauge, and introducing aerosols for leak testing. The Smart Pass-Through generally requires power to be brought to the wall (see more details in the Operating Manual). Wall support brackets recommended to support chamber weight (order separately).

Also available: Smart Pass-Through™ with single-pass air shower.

Air Shower Pass-Through Chamber
Outside Dimensions (mm)
Internal Dimensions (mm)

Power Cat. # Price
31"W x 26"D x 45"H
(787 x 660 x 1143)
24"W x 24"D x 24"H
(610 x 610 x 610)
304 Stainless Steel;
Tempered Glass window
120VAC, 60 Hz 6705-72 Price
240VAC, 60 Hz 6705-72-220 Price
Terra FFU Replacement Filters
Type  Filter Size / Inches; (mm) Aluminum Frame with Andodized Aluminum Face Grille
Cat. # Price
24 a 16 (610 x 406) 6601-40 call TUI
24-hour sales and tech phone support, M - F
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