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Terra Universal Rep Portal

Terra's Rep Portal lets you expand contact with your customers and monitor their purchase activity. By entering your customers' names, you can keep track of their quoting and sales activity, whether it results from web shopping carts or direct contact with in-house Terra representatives. Because your leads are coded to your organization, you will earn commissions based on their activity as specified in your Representative Agreement. Contact your Terra Sales Associate for access to the Rep Portal.

Rep Portal Benefits:

  • Enroll your customers as Terra Preferred Clients

    Customers you enroll are coded with your unique Representative Code, both at and in Terra's Customer Relationship Management database. Contact Terra for assistance in batch entering your contacts.

  • View your customers' Requests for Quotation (Quote Carts)

    Review complete contents of any QuoteCart submitted by any customer you enroll as a Preferred Client (sample QuoteCart).

  • View your customers' BuyNow Carts

    Review complete contents of any BuyNowCart submitted by any customer you enroll as a Preferred Client.

  • View Activity Reports: all quotes, orders and invoices issued to your customers

    Check quote and order status on your customers from your computer any time of the day or night!

    After you enter customers as Preferred Clients, your rep code Terra's system links their quotes, orders and sales to your organization and uploads transactions each weekend. The activity report includes data since 1 January 2014 or before.

  • Promote your organization through Terra's Direct Mail Program

    Any individual you enter as a Preferred Client is auto-enrolled in Terra's Direct Mail Program. Over the course of three months, your Preferred Clients will receive six sampler catalogs, each bearing a customized inkjet message with your name and contact information. Catalog mailings continue if your Preferred Clients quote or order from Terra.

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