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Service Logos: What do they mean?

These symbols represent important information on Terra’s comprehensive product quotations and orders, covering Terra policies, terms & conditions, payment and shipping, and a range of web services.

Ethics Ethical Standards
Terra strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in all business and personal dealings. View our Code of Conduct here.
catalogs Catalogs
Browse and download Terra's 10 product-line and application specific catalogs, which feature full product photos and current pricing.
Terms Terms and Conditions
Interested in doing business with Terra? View our standard terms and conditions, in their entirety, here.
Advise Shipping Method Searchable Orders
Need to track down information on a Terra product ordered a decade ago? We maintain searchable electronic records of all quote and order activity since 1998.
Special Note Special Note
Part No. 9999-44
On orders, Terra may need to call your attention to special notes regarding your order. Please read them and call your Product Specialist if you have questions.
Change Order Change Order
Part No. 9999-ChangeOrder
It’s unavoidable: changes happen! When they do, we track critical information, including a description of the change, the name of the people requesting and approving it, the date, and related Terra order numbers.
Upgrade ISO ISO Upgrade
Part No. 9999-Upgrade CR
When meeting ISO standards is critical, we guide you in ways to upgrade your modular cleanroom, and document the minimum-accepted ISO/Class level. Our modular power distribution modules (#6600-29) and Fan Filter Units (#6601-24-H) allow cleanliness upgrades with minimal equipment or labor costs.
OnTrack OnTrak
Part No. 9999-OnTrak
The status of an order placed with Terra can be traced online through our OnTrak system, which integrates with shop work-orders to provide a real-time report of order progress.
FastTrak FasTrak 24/7 Expediting
Part No. 9998-FasTrak
On a tight schedule? Terra's FasTrak Expediting helps meet your critical schedule for Terra-manufactured products, even after order release; contact your sales associate for pricing. FasTrak 24/7 provides a higher level of service: a 24/7 commitment to meet the shipping date YOU specify, regardless of quoted lead times. FasTrak 24/7 assigns a dedicated production team and senior expeditor working to meet your delivery specification. Click here for more FasTrak details.
Cleanroom Install Info Cleanroom Install Information
Part No. 9998-CR Install
Terra is always ready to support your cleanroom installation. Many clients decide to install cleanrooms using in-house staff or local contractors, thereby avoiding travel costs for Terra installers. Terra's modular design, using standarized components, makes assembly understandable and straightforward. We are also happy to provide a quote covering many levels of installation help: a full on-site crew, just a supervisor to guide your team, or Terra-supplied drawings and installation manal for the do-it-yourselfers, Live telephone support is always available at no charge.
Service Warranty Product Service & Extended Warranty 
Protect your lab equipment investment with an extended warranty or service agreement. Ask about warranties from Arrayit, Shel Lab, Thermo Scientific, Labconco, Germfree, Sartorius, JULABO, IKA, Perkin Elmer and more.
Order Deposit Request Order Deposit Request
Part No. 9999-AdvancePayReq
An order deposit is requested under Terra's standard terms for this type of order. Your order will be processed on receipt of payment.
Deposit Received Deposit Received
Part No. 9999-AdvancePayRec
This credit will be recorded on product invoices after Terra receives payment.
Order Minimum Fee Order Minimum Fee
Part No. 9998-OrdMin
Terra Universal requires an order minimum of $1,500 for customers who request open-account billing. On credit approval, orders below this level may be accepted if the client accepts the order minimum waiver fee. This fee helps defray the costs of processing, invoicing and collecting smaller orders. Orders below the minimum may be charged by credit card when placed without the order minimum charge. The minimum credit card order is $50.
Discount in Lieu of commission Discount in Lieu of Commission
Part No. 9999-60
Product sales to outside reps at net prices may get their discount instead of commission. No additional commission is due on this sale.
Convenience fee Convenience Fee
Part No. 9999-CreditCard
Banks charge Terra 4-5% to process credit card charges. On small orders, Terra absorbs these costs as part of customer convenience. On larger orders, credit card processing charges can easily run hundreds of dollars. Raising list prices to cover these costs would be unfair to the majority of customers who pay by means other than credit cards. Therefore, a Credit Card Convenience Fee is charged on all credit card orders over $2,500.
EAR99 Export Code
Part No. 9999-EXPORT EAR99
The products on your order are classified as Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) EAR99. This code is assigned by the US Department of Commerce based on each product’s commodity type. EAR99 is a code that’s used for items typically not requiring an export license.
FOB Destination Shipping FOB: Destination
Part No. 9999-FrtDest
Terra's normal shipping terms are Freight-on-Board (FOB) destination, with prepayment for added freight and related costs such as handling and declared value coverage (DVC). Using DVC, Terra directly covers shipping losses and replaces or repairs goods at Terra's option, eliminating the need to file claims with freight carriers.

Note: All shipping costs are estimates and subject to revision if actual freight costs change. Shipping cost estimates are valid for up to 30 days and may be cancelled due to changes in carrier quotes to Terra.

FOB Shipper's Dock Shipping FOB: Shipper’s Dock
Part No. 9999-FrtDock
Terra can ship product FOB Shipper's Dock with prepaid freight and handling. In this case, risk of loss passes to the customer when goods are loaded on the truck; Terra is not responsible for shipping losses.

Note: All shipping costs are estimates and subject to revision if actual freight costs change. Shipping cost estimates are valid for up to 30 days and may be cancelled due to changes in carrier quotes to Terra.

Advise Shipping Method Advise Method
Part No. 9999-ShipMethod
Customers can advise Terra on their preferred shipping method or transportation needs within one week of order processing. We will need to know the name of your local carrier in the Los Angeles, CA area, or be provided with the account number of your national/global carrier (e.g., FedEx, UPS, DHL).
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