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  1. What is a Biosafe Pass-Through & Why does Your Cleanroom Need One?

    biosafe-pass-throughMany companies, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, use cleanrooms and isolated laboratories on a regular basis. For most of them, one of the most important requirements of a cleanroom is the ability to remove specimens or other materials without compromising its isolation, and as cleanroom usage grows, this requirement is only going to become ever more important. A BioSafe® Pass-Through from Terra Universal allows for easy transfer without cross-contamination.

    The basic principle behind a Pass-Through or Pass-Through Window is simple. Like an airlock, it is a chamber installed into a wall separating two rooms with doors on both sides. Each door will only open when the other door is sea

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  2. Insight Into On-Site Nitrogen Generation

    Insight Into On-Site Nitrogen Generation

    Nitrogen, making up over 75% of the earth’s atmosphere, is our most common pure element. It can also be found in soil, bacteria and fossil fuels. Both plants and animals rely on nitrogen consumption (or its constituents) to maintain life; either in pure form, or when combined with other elements. Over the years, clever scientists and industrialists have found many practical uses for this colorless and odorless gas. Its inert nature makes it valuable for a wide range of applications, as well as safe to manage. The air around us is the most abundant source of nitrogen, and as necessity is the mother of invention, some of those same clever scientists developed ways to isolate and store it.


    Membrane Isolation

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