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  1. 5 Pass-Through Chamber Solutions That Keep Employees Safe

    5 Pass-Through Chamber Solutions That Keep Employees Safe

    Pass-Through Chambers are a great solution for businesses that need to ensure that their employees are safe and accidents are minimized when passing materials from one room to another. This simple solution, in all of its various forms, allows easy access to what you need to do your job, while also keeping safety your number-one concern. The convenience window and transaction window, as well as the fire-rated safety pass-through solution all solve problems involving safety and security while the roll-up door pass-through and air shower pass-through systems uphold a clean environment in clinical or lab type settings which focus on the sanitation element. Each of the pass-throughs below offers cutting edge technology, which offers extra peace of mind in the daily operations of your business which requires this type of environment.



    The Convenience Window Pass-Through allows you to t

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  2. What is the best vacuum cleaner for my cleanroom?

    What is the best vacuum cleaner for my cleanroom?

    Keeping your cleanroom free of dust and debris is essential to maintaining the integrity of the room and its function. Whether you use your cleanroom for research, manufacturing or engineering, removing dust without just moving it around the space is crucial. For that, you need a vacuum cleaner that’s made especially for the task. Today, we’ll discuss five vacuum cleaner systems for use in a cleanroom.


    cleanroom_vacuum_cleaners_microvac1. MicroVac™ Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner This easy-to-handle, portable, stainless-steel vacuum system is lightweight and has the advantag

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  3. 6 Really Cool Cleanroom Videos

    6 Really Cool Cleanroom Videos

    Cleanroom environments set the highest building standards when it comes to environmental pollutants and are typically used for manufacturing purposes with a controlled microscopic level of pollutants — environmental pollutants such as airborne microbes, dust, chemical vapors and aerosol particles. These six really cool cleanrooms are examples of what to expect within a cleanroom environment. It is truly amazing and these cleanroom videos are sure to make you say Wow!


    Infineon Technologies Dresden: Founded in 1994 and located in Dresden, Germany, the Infineon Technologies cleanroom is a high-end cleanroom where infinite care and precision takes place during the automated and innovative manufacturing process of power semiconductor devices on 200mm wafers and 300mm wafers. In July of 2011, Infineon Technologies Dresden became known as the world’s first high-volume production site for these devices. Infin

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