BioSafe®: The Cleanest Clean for Your Operation

Terra Universal specifically designs environments and furnishings to meet the needs of aseptic operations that must conform to strict FDA, cGMP and other standards involving potential microbial contamination. Bio-pharmaceutical applications require this level of sterile environment for successful disease research and drug development. We call this special line of products BioSafe. What makes Terra’s BioSafe solutions clean enough for sterile operations? The answer hinges on high-grade materials and easy-clean designs.


BioSafe Materials

Smooth stainless steel (SS) construction (304 or 316 grade) is standard for many BioSafe cleanrooms and other enclosures. These products also incorporate all-stainless steel hardware. Chrome-plated fixtures, unlike stainless steel, are subject to flaking and deterioration from metal-on-metal action, and can eventually rust if exposed

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