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  1. The Importance of Airflow Uniformity

    The Importance of Airflow Uniformity

    In a critical environment, FDA, ISO, and cGMP requirements rule! Cleanliness relies considerably upon fan/filter units (FFUs), and a poorly designed FFU can mean the difference between a clean space and a non-compliant room. Some commercial FFUs appear to meet minimum standards of cleanliness but, by failing to create uniformity in velocity and flow, instead contribute to an unclean work place and negate the clean environment you’ve worked so hard to create.


    Why does airflow uniformity matter?

    Swirling air causes minute particles to become suspended rather than tocleanrooms-fan-filter-unit-ffu-merv-16-140911-IMG_8957 flow down and out of the laminar flow system. Second-

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  2. Charcoal Filters 101 for Critical Environments

    Charcoal Filters 101 for Critical Environments

    Activated charcoal is highly porous carbon used in air filters to capture solvent fumes and organic compounds by adsorption of molecules (van der Waals forces).  Unlike particle filters, which rely on micro-pores to capture solid contaminants suspended in air, Terra’s coconut-shell based charcoal filters remove a wide range of chemical fumes and odors common to laboratories and manufacturing environments.  To understand chemical vapor filtration, let’s first focus on what having a carbon-based filter means.


    Did you know…

    Traditional charcoal is a common commodity, found in everyday-homes (cooking barbecues, vacuum cleaners, etc.). But did you know your water filter may contain activated carbon? Drinking water is often filtered through activated charcoal to remove certain toxins, and

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