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  1. How are UV Rays Beneficial to Aseptic Environments?

    How are UV Rays Beneficial to Aseptic Environments?

    The sun naturally “cleanses” the earth’s surface with ultraviolet energy. Due to conditions like sun burns and skin cancer, we are most familiar with UVA and UVB rays, but there is actually a third classification of ultraviolet energy called UVC. These rays contain the highest energy, making them the most dangerous type of ultraviolet light. Fortunately, Earth’s atmosphere acts as a protective layer and UVC energy does not penetrate our ozone layer. These harmful rays, however, are industrially produced as a beneficial source of UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation). Keep reading to find out why.


    How does UVGI work?

    UVGI is a technique that utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms. Since UVC energy is not naturally present within our planet’s atmosphere, earth-bound microorganisms, such as germs or viruses, have not evolved to naturally defend th

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  2. 7 Cleanroom Cost Cutting Strategies

    7 Cleanroom Cost Cutting Strategies

    Increasing energy costs don’t have to deplete your budget. Having an appropriate cleanroom design and selecting practical equipment can control energy-related expenses. Below are seven cost-efficient tactics to help you maintain your cleanroom performance and productivity without breaking your budget.


    1) How big should your cleanroom be?

    Let’s start with the decision of modular versus bricks-and-mortar. With a modular room, building permits are usually not required, and if your business moves to a different location, modular rooms can be disassembled and re-built in the new space.You should also consider the size of your cleanroom. Design the floor plan and height of the ceiling to meet your specific needs. Keep in mind the future you visualize for your controlled environment. Initially larger spaces are more expensive to construct and maintain, but if your facility plans on future expansion,

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