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  1. Advantages of Flush-Mounted Cleanroom Windows

    Advantages of Flush-Mounted Cleanroom Windows

    Windows give us a view of the environment on the “other” side of the wall, whether looking out from an enclosed room, or looking into it. In a controlled cleanroom, windows are a source of ambient light, and help to “expand” the space, making it feel less restrictive and relieving worker claustrophobia. Practically speaking, they also allow personnel to see when the critical environment is in use, and what activities are being performed.

    Windows are more complex than a simple pane of glass. Anyone responsible for wiping down a cleanroom can appreciate how troublesome nooks and crannies can be! Contaminating particles can collect on framing, sills and fasteners, complicating the sanitizing process. Terra’s stainless steel BioSafe® cleanroom windows are designed to reduce cracks and horizontal surfaces, making disinfection easier and faster.


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  2. Cleaning & Sterilization Tips for the Cleanroom

    Cleaning & Sterilization Tips for the Cleanroom

    Whether lab technicians like it or not, cleanrooms are exposed to contaminants. Adulteration can occur from personnel, equipment, or even incorrect decontamination processes. Since many cleaning methods exist, it’s important to select one that’s best for your application; an careless technique may redeposit contaminants onto surfaces rather than take them away. Understanding particle-to-surface bonding (electrical, physical, or chemical) is one of the first steps to optimal cleaning efficiency. Keep reading for more tips that ensure your cleanroom remains clean.


    Basic Types of Cleaning

    “Wet cleaning” removes contamination with the use of a cleaning fluid. In some cases, wiping will move particles, but fail to remove them. Therefore, wet cleaning is typically implemented when wiping is not enough to overcome the particle adhesion. Cleaning solutions include a number of chemical cho

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