The Benefits of On-site Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is the most common element in the Earth’s atmosphere; its inert nature makes it extremely valuable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Unfortunately, most of the world’s nitrogen is mixed with highly reactive oxygen in the form of air, which is completely unsuitable for applications requiring pure nitrogen.

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Terra Universal Nitrogen Generators rely on membrane separation to produce up to 99.9% pure nitrogen on an as-needed basis for a variety of applications. While membrane separation does not produce the ultra-high purity, 99.99% and above, nitrogen required for some applications, its convenience and flexibility makes it the obvious choice in the majority of cases. Membrane-based Nitrogen Generators also boost the reliability of the gas supply by eliminating reliance on nitrogen storage tanks, which require regular refilling and, when they run low, can disrupt critical nitrogen processes.

Terra Universal offers three models of Nitrogen Generators, the 2700-09A, 2700-11A, and 2700-12A. Each is a standalone cabinet design that requires only a source of compressed air to provide a steady stream of purified nitrogen. One of the biggest benefits of membrane separation is the cost of operation, which is that of running the air compressor to feed the generator. Membrane separators have no moving parts, making them extremely long lasting, and because they rely on the physical properties of the membrane, they do not require a power source to operate. This keeps operating costs down, by providing a steady stream of nitrogen whenever necessary.

Each separator module uses a bundle of hollow membrane fibers, which allow the oxygen and moisture to escape while the nitrogen passes through the fiber.  An outer case traps the oxygen and moisture away from the hollow bore so that it can be drawn off while the nitrogen flows out the end of the module. All the operator has to do is turn on the air compressor, and within a few minutes the system will reach the necessary purity levels. Once the levels are achieved, the operator can simply open the feed valve to start streaming nitrogen into the process line.

Terra Universal Nitrogen Generators can offer whatever flow level is necessary, ranging from up to 10 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) for the 2700-12A to a maximum of 100 SCFH for the 2700-11A, and 400 SCFH for the 2700-09A, or even higher when dryness is the only consideration.  Because the efficiency of the membrane is dependent on pressure differentials, higher pressures enable greater levels of purification albeit at a lower flow rate.

Terra’s generators feature a low pressure alarm to alert users of potential issues with gas-line kinks or a malfunctioning compressor. The lighted alarm is easy to see from across a room. An additional convenience is the cumulative-flow meter which helps labs establish filter-replacement schedules, giving staff sufficient time to order new filters.

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Customers requiring a complete turnkey solution should consider the 2701-32 model 120V High Capacity Nitrogen Generator, or the 2701-32-220 model 240V generator. With a 200-gallon compressed-air storage tank and a 60-gallon nitrogen holding tank, this generator can provide nitrogen as needed without the requirement for continuous operation. When continuous operation is required, the 50 HP rotary screw compressor provides up to 157 ACFM to the generator. This model is designed for those installations which either lack a sufficient supply of compressed air on site, or where using the built-in compressor is more efficient than running high-pressure lines to the system.

The primary benefit of nitrogen is that it prevents the majority of both chemical and biological reactions.  Food prepared in a nitrogen atmosphere is less likely to spoil because there is no oxygen to sustain the necessary reactions. Nitrogen is also used for fire safety as it prevents combustion, making it possible to work safely with flammable materials. Nitrogen is also useful as a propellant in pipelines, as it can safely drive liquids through the pipes without causing chemical reactions. Generating nitrogen on-site is a convenient and budget-friendly way to meet the needs of almost any organization.

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