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Pass-Through Chambers

Pass-Through Chambers for short- and long-term savings

Transferring items into and out-out rooms is something we all take for granted. It’s easy to pick up a folder and deliver it to an office down the hall, or load up a cart with paperclips and staples destined for the supply cabinet. Once you work in a cleanroom, however, this simple task turns into a “process.” Strict requirements govern the steps that personnel take for otherwise simple actions.

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Why Does Your Cleanroom Need a Roll-Up Pass-Through Chamber?

Materials get transferred into and out of cleanrooms all the time. The value of pass-through chambers is well-known, and labs count on them for continuity of their workflow and certification status. Without an efficient method of clean movement between rooms of different classifications, some facilities would be out of business.

While personnel can enter and exit the room through designated doorways, it’s not feasible for them to bring samples, supplies, carts and equipment with them. Besides the cleanliness problem of excessive object handling, the donning and doffing of garb would be time-consuming and expensive.

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A Smarter Way to Use Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

You install a pass-through chamber to reduce cross-contamination between classified and unclassified areas, but what if your pass-through could do more? Terra Universal’s double-wall Smart Pass-ThroughTM is the first to offer unique, state-of-the-art service alerts and condition-monitoring technology. This translates into time and cost savings, plus increased efficiency.  Keep reading to find out more about the ways that the Smart Pass-Through guarantees the cleanliness you’re paying for.

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5 Pass-Through Chamber Solutions That Keep Employees Safe

Pass-Through Chambers are a great solution for businesses that need to ensure that their employees are safe and accidents are minimized when passing materials from one room to another. This simple solution, in all of its various forms, allows easy access to what you need to do your job, while also keeping safety your number-one concern. The convenience window and transaction window, as well as the fire-rated safety pass-through solution all solve problems involving safety and security while the roll-up door pass-through and air shower pass-through systems uphold a clean environment in clinical or lab type settings which focus on the sanitation element. Each of the pass-throughs below offers cutting edge technology, which offers extra peace of mind in the daily operations of your business which requires this type of environment.

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Fast and Secure Transfer of Documents & Materials

Transaction Windows are an excellent way to transfer objects and documents between two people, as well as ensure employee safety in a wide range of customer service situations. They allow for easy transfer of items from one person to another without the need for direct contact between them. Depending on the transactional method needed, Transaction Windows can be installed in interior walls to accommodate employees, or exterior walls for public access.

Transaction Windows manufactured by Terra Universal are made of tempered, ½-inch-thick glass mounted in a stainless steel frame, which provides an excellent balance of both visibility and protection. Transaction Windows are used in several industries such as banks, gas stations, ticket venues, or any business that requires the indirect transfer of materials.

Terra Universal offers two different types of transaction windows. The Transaction Drawer provides a 19″D x 10.75″H drawer space to transfer small to medium sized objects and the Shallow Tray Transaction Window has a 1.5” opening that allows for transfer of smaller objects such as money, keys and envelopes.

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