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Cleanroom Window Features, Applications, and Styles

Terra Universal’s cleanroom windows are designed for quick and easy installation into stick-built or modular cleanrooms. Configured for health care, pharmaceutical, and CGMP facilities, Terra’s cleanroom windows are easy-to-clean, hygienic, support aseptic environments and enhance the visibility of operations and foot traffic.

Terra’s broad portfolio of cleanroom window designs includes flush-mount, crevice-free, frameless BioSafe windows, economical, framed ValuLine windows, and special-application designs including UL-listed and fire-rated windows. Switch Glass windows and internal blinds are optional for high privacy areas.

A - Style
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A1 - Framed Cleanroom Windows

Terra’s framed cleanroom windows feature a 2.75”-wide, 304-grade stainless steel or polypropylene outer frame that mounts tightly against the cleanroom wall, allowing the glass pane to be recessed into the wall. The chemical-resistant frame provides a smooth, durable, and easy-to-clean surface.

Framed windows are also available in fire-rated designs featuring an assembly and window glazing manufactured and tested in accordance with UL 9 and NFPA 80 criteria.

A2 - Frameless Cleanroom Windows

Terra’s BioSafe flush-mount cleanroom windows feature an innovative CleanMount mounting system with no hardware or fasteners to support fast, easy installation.

Frameless windows include 0.25” thick tempered glass panels that overlay the wall surface on one or both sides. The glazing is attached to an internal stainless steel frame for a showcase appearance compatible with a variety of wall materials and thicknesses. The windows are designed without any cracks or crevices where microbes can aggregate and colonize, supporting easy disinfection with biocides or alcohol-based cleaners. The black faux border rests behind the glass pane to prevent scratching or degradation over time.

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B - Cleanroom Window Configuration
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B1 - Single Pane Cleanroom Windows

Single-pane cleanroom windows, designed for installation between a cleanroom and a non-controlled space, feature a seamless stainless steel or polypropylene ledge on the opposite side of the glass pane for small part storage.

B2 - Double Pane Cleanroom Windows

Double-pane cleanroom windows, designed for installation between two critical spaces, feature flush-mounted, framed or frameless panes on both sides of the wall.

C - Cleanroom Window Pane Material
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C1 - Glass Cleanroom Windows

Frameless windows include a 0.25” thick, durable tempered glass pane while framed windows include a 0.5” thick tempered glass pane. Tempered glass is disinfectant-resistant, long-lasting, and provides high visual clarity.

C2 - Polycarbonate Cleanroom Windows

Impact-resistant and heat-resistant polycarbonate panes are optimal for equipment corridors, high-traffic areas, and spaces storing heat-generating equipment.

D - Cleanroom Window Frame Material
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D1 - Polypropylene Cleanroom Window Frames

Terra’s ValuLine windows feature an economical polypropylene frame that resists chemicals and biocides.

D2 - Stainless Steel Cleanroom Window Frames

Terra’s BioSafe windows feature an aseptic, crevice-free, lipless frame composed of 304-grade, chemical-resistant stainless steel.

E - Cleanroom Window Pane Width
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Terra manufactures all cleanroom window designs – framed, frameless, single-pane and double-pane – to exact project specifications between 12” and 96” in width.

F - Pane Height
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Terra manufactures all window styles to exact customer specifications, down 0.1” tolerances, between 12” and 55” in height.

G - Cleanroom Window Wall Thickness
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Terra’s windows are designed to accommodate modular cleanroom wall thicknesses down to 3” and stick-built, studded walls as thick as 12”.

H - Special Cleanroom Window Features
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H1 - Crevice-Free Flush Mount Cleanroom Window Design

Terra’s BioSafe windows feature a flush-mount system free of cracks or crevices that harbor microbes or contaminants. Terra’s BioSafe windows support easy wipe-downs, help maintain aseptic conditions, and install in fewer than 5 minutes.

H2 - Fire-Rated Cleanroom Windows

Terra’s BioSafe Fire-Rated windows feature 3/16” thick tempered glass panels that are tested in accordance with UL 9 and NFPA 80 (National Fire Rating Association) criteria for a 20-minute rating.

H3 - Internal Cleanroom Window Blinds

Terra’s BioSafe and ValuLine cleanroom windows come with optional integral, cordless blinds for patient or research privacy.

H4 - Rapid Installation Cleanroom Windows

Terra’s BioSafe flush-mount cleanroom windows feature a CleanMount mounting system with no hardware or fasteners to support easy installation in fewer than 5 minutes. The CleanMount clamping design allows the window to be installed without drilling into the cleanroom wall. Internal brackets installed on each corner of the window frame may be adjusted to level the frame inside the wall cut-out.

H5 - Cleanroom Privacy Window

Terra’s BioSafe Switch Glass cleanroom windows are designed for patient and research privacy in medical facilities or research labs. The glass is operated via a wired switch or Wi-Fi remote control, toggling between clear viewing and opaque privacy.

Where Can I Source Cleanroom Windows Online?

Shop Terra Universal online to view a wide selection of cleanroom window styles, materials, and specialty configurations. Terra Universal is a cleanroom specialized manufacturer that offers online and offline sales, end-to-end construction, outfitting, certification, and testing for a wide variety of controlled environments.

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