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  1. Cleanroom Window, Features, Styles, and Applications

    Cleanroom Window, Features, Styles, and Applications

    Terra Universal’s cleanroom windows are designed for quick and easy installation into stick-built or modular cleanrooms. Configured for health care, pharmaceutical, and CGMP facilities, Terra’s cleanroom windows are easy-to-clean, hygienic, support aseptic environments and enhance the visibility of operations and foot traffic.

    Terra’s broad portfolio of cleanroom window designs includes flush-mount, crevice-free, frameless BioSafe windows, economical, framed ValuLine windows, and special-application designs including UL-listed and fire-rated windows. Switch Glass windows and internal blinds are optional for high privacy areas.

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  2. 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Equipment for Laboratory and Cleanroom Operations

    The last thing you need is your lab equipment rusting out on you. When considering your specific application needs for new stainless steel equipment, a recurring question in the market remains—what’s the difference between 304 and 316? When should you consider 316? In scenarios demanding the utmost vigilance, you may discover you require 316L stainless steel.

    304 Stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 316 Stainless steel is made up of chromium and nickel at 16% and 10% respectively, but also includes molybdenum—a silvery-white metal that’s highly resistant to corrosion.

    316L Stainless steel contains the same corrosion-resistant materials as 316, but includes the added benefit of a lower carbon content—eliminating the opportunity for excessive metallic contamination and making cracking less likely. Both 316 and 316L are able to withstand chlorides and chlorinated solutions, such as Spor-Klenz® and Isopropyl Acetate

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