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  1. BioSafeBioSafeStockedStockedISO 5 IconISO 5 Icon
    1 Design1 Material1 Work Surface Design5 Width1 Depth1 Height1 ISO Class

    • ISO Rating: ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Work Surface Design: Solid Top
    Width: 36", 48", 60", 72", 84"
    Depth: 16"
    Height: 18"
    ISO Class: ISO 5
  2. BioSafeBioSafeStockedStockedISO 5 IconISO 5 Icon
    1 Design1 Material2 Work Surface Design5 Width2 Depth1 Height1 ISO Class

    • ISO Rating: ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Work Surface Design: Rod Top, Tubular Top
    Width: 60", 72", 34", 46", 82"
    Depth: 16", 14"
    Height: 18"
    ISO Class: ISO 5
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7 products meet your criteria.

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Gowning Bench Features

Stainless Steel Gowning Bench Design Benefits

Through 40 years of continuous product improvement, Terra has solved problems that other gowning bench manufacturers don’t realize they have.

One-Piece Design with Convenient Bootie Shelves

Stainless steel solid-top gowning benches available with dual perforated shelves for bootie storage.

Many Top and Frame Styles

Solid, tubular, and perforated tops available to accommodate ISO 5 cleanliness and air flow-through requirements; free-standing models include non-contaminating, adjustable nylon feet.

Cylindrical Base: Comfort and Cleanliness

Cylindrical-base ISO 5 gowning benches with rod tops meet the strictest cleanliness requirements for laminar air flow-through and eliminate sharp corners.

Modular Benches Meet Floor Space Needs

Sectional straight and curved gowning bench modules adapt to your space, allowing you to demarcate clean floor where garments may touch without contamination.

Reinforce Clean Gowning Protocol

Gowning Platforms clearly demarcated “no step” area where coverall may touch without contamination (shown with optional CleanLean Rail).

Space-Efficient Configurations

Ideal for small gowning areas with limited floor space! Includes single support leg for easier floor cleaning; opposing end attaches to wall bracket.

Easy-to-Clean Rod-Top Gowning Bench

Rod-style cleanroom gowning benches offer a contemporary design plus reduce surface area to improve laminar air flow and reduce particle build-up. The wide openings also allow the bench to dry more quickly after it is washed down. This makes the thick-gauge rod-top suitable for sterile applications that require frequent wash-downs, such as food-processing or pharmaceutical plants.

Electropolish Finish

Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance and improves ease of cleaning with a smooth, reflective, mirror-like finish. You can see the difference in reflection from the catalog placed on the table.

BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating

Terra's BioSafe products are designed for the most critical applications: no gaps and crevices where microbes colonize, rounded corners for easy disinfection, won't produce contaminants during sterilization, and exceeds cGMP, IEST, ASTM and ISO 14644-1 requirements.

Gowning Bench Styles

  • Free-Standing Gowning Benches Cylindrical Frame Free-Standing Gowning Benches Cylindrical Frame
  • Stainless Steel Dual Level Gowning Bench Dual Level Stainless Steel Gowning Bench
  • Floor Mounted Solid Top Three Post Bench Floor-Mounted Stainless Steel Gowning Bench, Solid Top, 3 Posts Gowning Bench
  • Gowning Room Bench Square Frame Solid Top ISO-Rated Stainless Steel Free Standing Square Solid Top Gowning Bench
  • Stainless Steel Rod Top Gowning bench Gowning Bench; 304 SS, Free Standing, Tubular Top, 72"L x 16"W x 18"H
  • Removable Bootie Racks Removable Bootie Racks
  • Gowning Platform Furnishings Platform Gowning Platforms
  • Floor-Mount Gowning Benches ISO-Rated Floor-Mount Gowning Benches
Technical Resources

Recommended Gowning Room Design

Ideal Gowning Room Layout Diagram
  1. Secure lockers for clothing and personal property
  2. Shoe cleaner, with rotating brushes to remove gross contaminants
  3. Walk-off adhesive shoe mat
  4. Air Shower, with HEPA filtered air jets to remove loose contaminants
  5. Hand washing station, no-touch operation
  6. Hand dryer (if not incorporated into washer), HEPA/ULPA-filtered air, no touch
  7. Dispenser for glove liner or underglove
  8. Glove washing/drying station (if gloves not clean)
  9. Glove washing/drying station (if gloves not clean)
  10. Headwear dispenser
  11. Face mask dispenser
  12. Waste receptacle—should be installed wherever packaging is removed
  13. Garment Storage Facility—depends on garment type
    1. Open Garment Rack for reusable garments
    2. Enclosed Garment Cabinet for reusable garments (includes HEPA blower)
    3. Garment Storage Shelves for packaged disposable garments, Overstock Cabinet
  14. Waste Receptacle
  15. Ergonomic Lean Rails support personnel while donning coveralls
  16. Gowning Platform provides a noncontaminated surface to prevent violation of garment
  17. Wiper dispenser—used to clean bench prior to putting on booties
  18. Bootie/shoe cover dispenser (may also be incorporated into benches)
  19. Waste Receptacle
  20. Gowning benches, used when putting on booties. Booties stay on "clean" side
  21. Cleanroom mirror for final self-inspection (side-by-side w/poster showing correctly garbed model)
  22. Safety glass and overglove dispensers
  23. Air shower—may be required in cleanroom entrance
  24. Garment hamper for reusable garments to be laundered
  25. Waste receptacle for disposable garments

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