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    MetroMax i Mobile Shelving by InterMetro
    Some ship in 4 - 6 days
    1 Material2 Shelf Type3 Width2 Depth1 Height1 Caster Type1 Shelves1 Wheel Material18 Manufacturer SKU

    • Antimicrobial and corrosion proof shelves and posts; removable polymer mats
    • Smooth and rounded frames and posts
    • 2-Swivel and 2-Brake casters
    • Consist of 4 shelves; open grid and solid shelf units available
    • Choice of resilient rubber or polyurethane casters
    Material: Polymer
    Shelf Type: Open-grid, Solid
    Width: 60", 36", 48"
    Depth: 24", 18"
    Height: 67"
    Caster Type: Swivel/Brake
    Shelves: 4
    Wheel Material: Polyurethane
    Manufacturer SKU: X566EGX3, X336BGX3, X336EGX3, X356BGX3, X356EGX3, X366BGX3, X366EGX3, X536BGX3, X536EGX3, X556BGX3, X556EGX3, X566BGX3, X336EFX3, X356EFX3, X366EFX3, X536EFX3, X556EFX3, X566EFX3
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    MetroMax Q Open-grid Mobile Shelving by InterMetro
    Some ship in 4 - 6 days
    1 Material1 Shelf Type3 Width3 Depth1 Height1 Caster Type1 Shelves2 Wheel Material18 Manufacturer SKU

    • MetroMax Q models feature easy to clean corrosion resistant shelves and posts
    • Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection built into shelf mats and touch points
    Material: Polymer
    Shelf Type: Open-grid
    Width: 36", 48", 60"
    Depth: 18", 21", 24"
    Height: 67"
    Caster Type: Swivel/Brake
    Shelves: 4
    Wheel Material: Rubber, Polyurethane
    Manufacturer SKU: Q336BG3, Q336EG3, Q356BG3, Q356EG3, Q366BG3, Q366EG3, Q436BG3, Q436EG3, Q456BG3, Q456EG3, Q466BG3, Q466EG3, Q536BG3, Q536EG3, Q556BG3, Q556EG3, Q566BG3, Q566EG3
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30 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

MetroMax Clear Cart Cover

Clear vinyl cart cover for 3-tier MetroMax i cart allows viewing of contents and protects glassware during transport; also available for tall Metro mobile carts.

Intermetro Starsys General Supply & Transport Cart

Microban antimicrobial protection prevents stains and odor-causing bacteria. All models include polyurethane casters (two with brakes).

Versatile Cleanroom Service Carts

The versatile design of the Cleanroom service cart accommodates tanks, cylinders, drawers, reservoirs and other bulky items, solving awkward service or transfer challenges in a cleanroom environment.

Interchangeable Shelves

The modular design of MetroMax iQ Utility carts allows users to change between MetroMax I and Q shelves using the same frames and posts to suit a variety of applications.

Modular Medical Computer Workstation - VHRC

Features a dual handlebars with padded grips located at rear channel of unit.

Clean, Versatile Carts for Lab and Cleanroom

Utility Carts by Metro with two or three adjustable solid or wire shelves in stainless or chrome-plated steel; mix and match shelf designs and add drawers or other accessories to meet your requirements.

Chemical Cart with Spill Protected Compartments

Terra's chemical cart features chemical resistant polypropylene construction with leak-tight continuous seam welds. All chemical acid carts include recessed overflow reservoirs to safely contain and drain spills.

Application-Specific Cart Configurations!

Modular cart designs allow configuration for specialized trays, totes and other containers. Shown: ESD-Safe Enclosed Electronics Cart features conductive trays, cushioning casters and a foot-activated brake.

HEPA Filtration During Transport

PureFlow Laminar Transport Cart system provides an uninterrupted vertical laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air in the storage area during parts transfer from one classified space to another.


  • Intermetro Blue Utility Cart 3 Shelves InterMetro Blue Polymer with Microban 3 Shelf Utilit Cart
  • Polymer Lab Utility Carts with Casters Protection Against Corrosion and Microbes
  • InterMetro 3-Shelf MW 400 Stainless Steel Utility Carts Utility Carts with Interchangeable Shelves

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