Maximum Temperature: 325°C

• Temperature Range: +15 °C to 325 °C

• Mechanical convection with high efficiency insulation

• Number of Shelves: 2 included (12 max)

• One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

• Internal Dimensions (w x d x h): 36 x 19 x 24 in. (914 x 483 x 610 mm)

• Convection Technology: Mechanical

• Material: Powder-coated, CR steel, SS exterior, fiberglass gasket, cold-rolled, chemical-resistant steel cabinet with powder-coated finish

• Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5° at 100°C; ±1.0° at 200°C; ±2.5° at 300°C

• Rated Power: 3700 Watts

• Max Current: 16.1 amps

Compliance: ASTM E145 Type IIA, ASTM D-2436, and UL 746B

Advanced Microprocessor PID Controls: LED displays temperatures (actual and setpoint) in 2-line, 4-digit, 12-hour mechanical timer and user-adjustable safety thermostat (in event of overtemperature), RTD sensor with temperature sensitivity of ±0.1°C or better

Energy and Safety Efficient Construction: turbo blowers side-mounted within SS chamber, high-limit safety with built-in circuit breaker, low-density heating elements for long life

Item not available in Europe.: Qualified technician needed for hardwired installation


Type: Volatile Compound Storage

Maximum Temperature: 325°C

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 9.5 cu. ft.

Convection Type: Mechanical

Model: Precision High-Performance

Manufacturer SKU: 6056

Capacity Range: 9 to 15 cubic feet

Unit of Measure: EA


Marks & Listings: UL

Electrical Specifications: 208/240 V, US Plug, 16.1 A, 3,700 W, 50/60 Hz

Weight, Product: 40 lb

Dimensions, Product: 65"W x 31"D x 36"H

Weight, Shipping: 415 Lbs

Package Type: Crate


  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Percision Compact Heating and Drying Oven Thermo Fisher Compact Heating and Drying Oven
Thermo Fisher Scientific Percision Compact Heating and Drying Oven
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