• Affordable, ergonomic, stylish and easy to assemble in just 3 clicks; 99% recyclable

• Adjustable seat depth, backrest and height

• Auto-syncro mechanism provides continuous lumbar support

• Back Material: Mesh back pad on poly

• Optional armrest, polished aluminum base, while poly material and more

• Overall Dimensions: 27.75”W x 27.75”D x 37-42” (654 x 654 x 939.8-1066 mm)

• Seat Dimensions: 19”W x 19”D x 19-26”H (482.6 x 482.6 x 482.6- 660.4 mm)

• Back Dimensions: 18”W x 21-24”H (457.2 x 533.4- 609.6 mm)

• Base: 27” Diameter (685.8 mm)

• Footring: Polished 20” diameter with simple rotation


• Mesh back pad on poly (back), Black nylon 5 star (base)

• Plastic shell coordinated with different mesh colors

• Seat: Contoured with waterfall front edge

• 99% recyclable

Auto-Syncro Mechanism:

• Seat and Back Move in Unison for continuous lumbar support, Automatically adjusts to different body weights, Forward back lock and Integrated sliding seat

• Casters: Hard wheel and free rolling for soft surface

Backrest color choices: Black, Caribbean, Cayenne, Hunter, Ink, Limelight, Marigold, Mocha, Paprika, Pewter, Sapphire, Sky, Sterling, Wine


• White flexible poly membrane (lower back support also white)

• Arms (SO25WA) black stem or white stem (SO25WA-WH),

• Polished aluminum 5 star base

• Hard floor casters

• Nylon carpet glides


Type: Stool

Application: Laboratory

Model: Speed-O

Seat Height: 19" - 26"

Seat Material: Polymer

ISO Rating: Lab

Base Type: Nylon Composite

Footring: With Footring

Weight, Shipping: 40 lb

Package Type: Box

Unit of Measure: EA

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