• Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Steel frame – posts and beams of 2.5” (280 mm) square tubing, powder coated
  • Steel ceiling grid – joists and cross members 3” (76 mm) T-bars
  • Steel reinforcing gussets – two on each corner post
  • Curtain mounting system for easy suspension of curtains and strip shields
  • Curtain Panels – 40 mil anti-static PVC, corner notched, precut, hangs from GripTrack
  • Strip Shield Door – up to 3’ 33"-37" mm SDPVC, alternating Clear/Frost strips, pre-cut, hangs from GripTrack
  • (1) LED Light Modules – 48 W, 4500 lumens, 120-277 VAC
  • (1) Power Supply Unit – Switched supply to six-receptacle unit, 20W 120 VAC, as required to power FFUs and lights
  • Ceiling Panel -- 2' x 4', polypropylene, white, as required to complete ceiling grid
  • All electrical components UL and UL-C listed
  • Order number of HEPA Fan/Filter Units separately to meet desired ISO cleanliness rating
  • Requires UL Listing Declaration (order separately) for customized cleanroom electrical system, which helps meet municipal and other permitting requirements that may apply
  • Room is sent disassembled with assembly instructions. Two assemblers make the process easier
  • FFUs and lights plug into Power Supply Unit. Power Supply Units plug into standard US wall receptacles  Each PSU requires a separate, free 20 A circuit. Power Supply Unit Switch mounted on corner post. Strip door mounts at any corner
  • FFUs add 13” (330 mm) overhead to height. Additional 9” to 11” (230 to 280 mm) clearance is required for air flow and installation.  Total clearance required above filter face is 22” to 24” (560 to 610 mm)
  • Heavy-duty casters may be ordered at additional cost (TUI 6704-08)
  • Shipped in crate with casters; fits through 36" doorway. Forklift, lift gates and pallet jacks may be required.
  • Terra assumes no responsibility for meeting local building regulations, including fire and seismic codes.
  • Check your local planning department for regulations applying to your installation.


Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel

Height: 8'

Depth: 8'

Width: 8'

Panel Material: Anti-Static Clear Vinyl

Unit of Measure: EA


Marks & Listings: UL, ULC

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 18 A, 2,160 W, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, Product: 100" W x 101" D x 96" H

Weight, Shipping: 1,158 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 123" W x 39" D x 56" H

Package Type: Skid

Softwall Cleanrooms

  • Extra-large pre-fab cleanroom for assembling semiconductor components Extended ValuLine™ Softwall Cleanroom for Assembling Semiconductor Components
  • Softwall modular cleanrooms installed inside lab ValuLine Pre-Configured Softwall Modular Cleanrooms
  • Softwall modular clean room for optics manufacturing Softwall Modular Clean Room for Optics Manufacturing
  • Class 100 modular soft wall cleanroom for testing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Class 100 Modular Softwall Cleanroom for Testing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Class 100 softwall cleanroom used for industrial radiography non-destructive testing (NDT) Class 100 Softwall Cleanroom for Industrial Radiography Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Anti-static softwall cleanroom for testing, cleaning, and storing image sensors ValuLine™ Pre-Configured Softwall Cleanroom for Testing Image Sensors
  • Quickstart softwall cleanroom for printing electronic circuit boards ValuLine™ Pre-Configured Softwall Cleanroom for PCB Printing
  • Class 10,000 softwall cleanroom for packaging herbal extracts Class 10,000 ValuLine Softwall Cleanroom for Packaging Herbal Extracts

Features and Benefits

Accredited Technical Cleanroom Expertise

We are committed to provide our clients with a full service solution, from project planning through engineering, product design, manufacturing, procurement, shipping, installation, validation, commissioning, and preventative maintenance. Our team of qualified professionals collaborates with all stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions at every stage of the project.

Products Compliant With Your ISO Rating

Provide Terra with your desired ISO rating. We will tailor the product to meet your rating and supply a certificate of compliance appended to your invoice, to be included in your compliance package. All certificates are archived in Terra's system for quick retrieval.
Popular Accessories
For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Lighthouse Handheld Airborne Particle Counters

    Lightouse portfolio of handheld airborne particle counters ensure accurate readings of cleanrooms and critical environments
  • Cleanroom Grade Locking Casters

    Stainless steel swivel casters with non-shedding polyurethane wheels allow for clean and easy repositioning of softwall cleanrooms.
  • HEPA Fan Filter Unit with Integrated LED Light and Ionizer

    FFU with built-in, flush-mount LED and ionizing bar provides HEPA filtered air and neutralization of static charges. Eliminates hard-to-clean, exposed light fixture and ion bar. Includes internal baffling plate and diffuser panel.
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  1. HEPA FFU with integrated LED light and static neutralizing ionizer, powder-coated steel construction  |  6601-PP-25 displayed
    As low as $2,241
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    Fan Filter Units with Integrated LED Light and Ionizers
  2. Lightweight 6-channel airborne particle counter with a sensitivity range from 0.2- 2.0 μm; ideal for spot-checking critical environments and cleanrooms
    As low as $4,139
    Some ship in %s days
    Lighthouse Handheld Airborne Particle Counters by LWS
  3. Microbial air sampler for cleanrooms and aseptic environments provides continuous and periodic sampling with a 100 L/min. flowrate and a 6 hour battery life  |  1510-53 displayed
    As low as $4,578
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    Lighthouse ActiveCount Viable Air Samplers by LWS
  4. Modular Three Drawer Unit; Stainless Steel 6"H, 6"H & 6"H  |  1741-24 displayed
    As low as $266
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    Modular Work Station Drawers
  5. ISO-Rated mirror provides a visual self-check to enhance compliance with gowning protocol  |  5252-74 displayed
    As low as $1,192
    Some ship in %s days
    BioSafe® Cleanroom Mirrors with Integrated LED
  6. Stainless steel BioSafe Cleanroom Clipboards provide non-shedding, durable, conductive surfaces, ideal for aseptic environments  |  1350-00A-2 displayed
    As low as $81
    Some ship in %s days
    BioSafe® Cleanroom Clipboards
  7. Palm-Sized Temperature/Humidity Meters available with built-in or probe sensors  |  1401-17 displayed
    As low as $551
    Some ship in %s days
    Palm-Sized Temperature/Humidity Meters
  8. 24-Gallon stainless steel ISO 4 BioSafe waste receptacle with a hands free foot pedal.  |  1456-18B displayed
    As low as $443
    Some ship in %s days
    BioSafe® Cleanroom Waste Receptacles
  9. ValuLine Stainless Steel Trash Cans from Rubbermaid come in 5 different sizes
    As low as $385
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    ValuLine™ Waste Receptacles
  10. The MET ONE HHPC 6+ is a full-featured, six-channel handheld particle counter  |  1505-50 displayed
    As low as $2,163
    Some ship in %s days
    MET ONE Handheld Air Particle Counters by Beckman Coulter
  11. PureFlow Laminar Transport Cart system provides an uninterrupted vertical laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air in the storage area  |  1529-68 displayed
    As low as $16,270
    Some ship in %s days
    PureFlow™ Laminar Flow Transport Carts
  12. Enclosed Safety Shower provides full-body and eye wash while protecting the lab against water and chemical runoff  |  1530-50A displayed
    As low as $3,748
    Some ship in %s days
    Enclosed Laboratory Safety Shower
  13. Yellow Slimline safety cabinets by Justrite are fire resistant double wall, air insulated and welded steel construction  |  1619-90 displayed
    As low as $1,138
    Some ship in %s days
    Yellow Slimline Safety Cabinets by Justrite
  14. Sure-Grip EX deep SlimLine safety cabinets provides OSHA-, NFPA-compliant protection and containment of flammable materials  |  1618-21 displayed
    As low as $1,858
    Some ship in %s days
    Sure-Grip® EX Deep Slimline Safety Cabinets by Justrite
  15. HEPA-filtered FFU coverage provides ISO rated mini-cleanroom environment  |  1870-03B displayed
    As low as $3,162
    Some ship in %s days
    Softwall CleanBooth™ Vertical Laminar Flow Stations
  16. Steel cabinet with fingerprint scanner for secure storage of controlled medications  |  1989-10 displayed
    As low as $3,517
    Some ship in %s days
    Locking Pharmaceutical Security Cabinets
  17. Ion bar kit safely neutralizes charges to protect against electro-static charges. Attaches to inside ceiling of glovebox. Ion bar sold separately.  |  2005-92 displayed
    As low as $548
    Some ship in %s days
    Ionizing Bars
  18. This Ionizing Blow-off Gun neutralizes static surface charges and removes particles with a burst of clean air or nitrogen  |  2005-55 displayed
    As low as $963
    Some ship in %s days
    Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-Off Gun
  19. The MAGNEHILIC® gauge measures and displays pressures; range of model shown: 0 - 1" WC  |  2625-30 displayed
    As low as $90
    Some ship in %s days
    Differential Pressure Gauges/Controllers
  20. Choose among 3 different sizes of portable nitrogen generator designs to meet your N2 requirements. Suitable for both industrial and commercial applications.
    As low as $6,618
    Some ship in %s days
    Nitrogen Gas Generators
  21. Terra's BioSafe® 304 Stainless Steel Footrests stand up to harsh cleaning agents and provide a firm foot platform while working
    As low as $175
    Some ship in %s days
    Footrests for Labs and Cleanrooms
  22. Corrosive Storage by Justrite features two manual stainless steel doors with 3-point stainless steel bullet latching system  |  2820-09A displayed
    As low as $1,318
    Some ship in %s days
    Corrosive Storage Cabinets by Justrite
  23. Respirator kit shown with head cover.  |  2821-00 displayed
    Request Quote
    Usually Ships in 20 - 26 days
    Response Kit: PureAir Bio™, White
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