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115 V36"Included8"Included302381101 $9,41725-29 Days
115 V36"Included10"Included302311101 $9,41725-29 Days
115 V36"Optional8"Included302381001 $8,86925-29 Days
115 V36"Optional10"Included302311001 $8,86925-29 Days
115 V48"Included8"Included302481101 $10,6115-7 Days Stocked
115 V48"Included10"Included302411101 $10,6115-7 Days Stocked
115 V48"Optional8"Included302481001 $10,02625-29 Days
115 V48"Optional10"Included302411001 $10,02625-29 Days
115 V60"Included8"Included302581101 $11,83025-29 Days
115 V60"Included10"Included302511101 $11,83025-29 Days
230 V48"Included10"Included302411111 $10,61125-29 Days
230 V36"Optional8"Included302381011 $8,86925-29 Days
230 V36"Included8"Included302381111 $9,41725-29 Days
230 V48"Optional10"Included302411011 $10,02625-29 Days
230 V48"Included8"Included302481111 $10,61125-29 Days
115 V60"Optional10"Included302511001 $11,22625-29 Days
230 V60"Optional10"Included302511011 $11,22625-29 Days
230 V60"Included10"Included302511111 $11,83025-29 Days
230 V60"Optional8"Included302581011 $11,22625-29 Days
230 V60"Included8"Included302581111 $11,83025-29 Days
115 V72"Optional10"Included302611001 $12,46825-29 Days
115 V72"Included10"Included302611101 $13,0775-7 Days Stocked
230 V72"Optional10"Included302611011 $12,46925-29 Days
230 V72"Included10"Included302611111 $13,07725-29 Days
230 V72"Optional8"Included302681011 $12,46925-29 Days
115 V72"Included8"Included302681101 $13,0775-7 Days Stocked
230 V36"Included10"Included302311111 $9,41725-29 Days
230 V72"Included8"Included302681111 $13,07725-29 Days
230 V48"Optional8"Included302481011 $10,02625-29 Days
115 V60"Optional8"Included302581001 $11,22625-29 Days
115 V72"Optional8"Included302681001 $12,46825-29 Days
230 V36"Optional10"Included302311011 $8,86925-29 Days


NSF-Listed Class II Type A2 BSC ideal for COVID-19 handling

• Ergonomic MyLogic OS Interface with line-on-sight screen displays cabinet information

ECM and CAP pairing achieves proper airflow even as HEPA filters load

Conformance: ADA, CAN/CSA C22.2, CE, ETL, NSF 49, UL

• Select 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ models include base stand and built-in options

• One or two Service Fixtures (select models)

Applications: handling and research of infectious microorganisms, hazardous particulates, full-length genomic RNA, blood and respiratory specimens requiring BSL Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 (per CDC recommendation)

• Material: leak-tight 304 stainless steel construction and safety glass and tempered safety glass sash (1/4”, fully closing)

• MyLogic OS Interface displays filter life, status messages for alarm conditions and alerts. 8 languages

• Recirculates 70% of the HEPA-filtered air into laboratory, 30% through exhaust system

• 99.99% efficient HEPA filters and nominal inflow of 105 fpm creates ISO 5 environment; ULPA option available

Smart-Start™ System user-programmable startup & shut down

• Night-Smart™ System reduces blower speed when sash is closed

• Lighting: UV, LED

• Constant Airflow Profile (CAP): protects users and samples with continuous monitoring and maintaining of inflow and downflow

Electronically Commuted Motor (ECM) blowers provide 60% energy efficiency, quiet operation(<63 dBA), 50k hours of motor life, reserve power and promotes cooler working conditions

• Inclined sliding sash: 10” slope for unobstructed viewing

• Nominal inflow velocity of 105 fpm (0.5 m/sec)

• Nominal downflow velocity of 55 fpm (0.3 m/sec)

22.6" (57 cm) max. sash opening & 27.0" (69 cm) viewing height

Features: Vacu-Pass cord and cable portal, Reserve-Air Inflow Slots, LCD Information Center, curved inlet grill, ADA-compliant touchpad control, Air-Wave™ Entry System, Contain-Air™ Negative Pressure Channel, code-activated electronic security lock, removable towel catch, electrical outlet cover

Accessories and Options: Base stand, Ventus Canopy Connection

• Five-Year Manufacturer Warranty

• Includes both supply and exhaust HEPA filters for total particle control

• Stainless steel interior offers durability and corrosion-resistance; easy to wipe down and compatible with most cleaning agents

• Dished stainless steel work surface lifts out for deep cleaning

• Two interior duplex outlets with flush-mounted covers for when not in use

• Tempered glass sash angled at 10° for user comfort

• Power switches and menu navigation buttons are mounted along the right-hand side of the sash

• Optional UV light for decontamination

• Requires connection to an existing exhaust system with external blower (available separately)

Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets

  • Biological Safety Cabinets Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Short animation illustrating the airflow pattern of a Purifier Logic+ Type A2 biosafety cabinet Labconco Purifier Logic+ Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet Airflow
  • Video of smoke testing Labconco BSC and glovebox isolator Smoke Testing a Labconco BSC and Glovebox
  • Identifying the Smoke Split
  • Video of HEPA filter leak testing using a particle counter and tracer aerosol Testing HEPA Filters on a Labconco BSC
Short animation illustrating the airflow pattern of a Purifier Logic+ Type A2 biosafety cabinet
Video of smoke testing Labconco BSC and glovebox isolator
Video of HEPA filter leak testing using a particle counter and tracer aerosol

Popular Accessories

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  • Labconco Telescoping Base Stand
    Ergonomically designed and energy efficient, these biosafety cabinets provide safety and comfort to users working with hazardous particulates that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment.
  • VACUUBRAND BVC Basic Fluid Aspiration Systems
    The Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinets has a basic fluid aspiration system is designed to be connected to an existing vacuum pump.
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