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Voltage Frame Material Model Manufacturer SKU Side PanelsPriceUsually Ships inStocked
12 VEpoxy Coated SteelXPert Balance3930200Tempered Glass $2,77320-24 Days
12 VEpoxy Coated SteelXPert Balance3930300Tempered Glass $3,73320-24 Days
12 VEpoxy Coated SteelXPert Balance3930400Tempered Glass $5,32320-24 Days
12 VEpoxy Coated SteelXPert Balance3971500Tempered Glass $6,92830-34 Days
12 VEpoxy Coated SteelXPert Balance3971600Tempered Glass $8,74330-34 Days
12 VEpoxy Coated SteelXPert Balance3971800Tempered Glass $11,83830-34 Days


  • Designed for weighing operations, XPert Balance Enclosures protect users during weighing operations by providing maximum containment of potent and/or toxic airborne particulates
  • These balance enclosures can accommodate micro or large analytical balances for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and compounding laboratories
  • The enclosure must be ducted to an existing exhaust system or connected to a FilterMate Portable Exhauster for safe removal of contaminated air
  • Patented aerodynamic air foils around the sash opening reduce turbulence and ensure proper containment
  • Perforated baffle plate along the rear wall helps establish horizontal laminar airflow
  • Rear plenum can be ducted upward or downward depending on rear clearance
  • Ergonomically angled sash provides a clear view of the hood interior
  • Deep interior of 23.4"" accommodates large analytical balances
  • Two utility ports with iris membranes provide passage for cables and tubing as needed
  • Conformance: ANSI Z9.5, Modified ASHRAE 110, SEFA 1

Fume Hoods by Labconco

  • Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 8 ft Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 8 ft
  • Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 4 ft Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 4 ft

Features and Benefits

Containment Airflow

Negative-pressure airflow prevents contaminated air from escaping the enclosure, providing effective containment of hazardous powders and other particulates.

Protecting Personal Information

Terra is committed to ensuring that our customer’s personal information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, Terra has developed procedures to safeguard and secure information collected online and offline.

Top-Tier Clients

Terra’s key customers include some of the largest research labs, production facilities and universities in the world
Popular Accessories
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  • Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor

    The Guardian 1000 Airflow Monitor continuously monitors airflow, providing velocity readings and notifying personnel when airflow drops below the user-defined set-point.
  • Labconco FilterMate Portable Exhauster

    Labconco's portable exhaust system filters hazardous vapors and powders as they are exhausted from an enclosure, allowing safe relesae into the surrounding environment.
  • Labconco Corrosive Resistant Remote Blower

    Labconco supplies coated steel blowers designed specifically for connection to Class I containment enclosures, including XPert, RXPert, Protector XVS, and Purifier HEPA Filtered Safety Enclosures. Explosion-proof versions also available
  • Labconco Solid Work Surface

    Solid black epoxy work surfaces are chemical resistant and feature a "dished" surface to contain spills. 304-grade stainless steel work surfaces with 1"-deep front spill trough are also available.
  • Hydraulic Lift Base Stand

    Electric height adjustment from 25.5" to 33.5” ideal for operators of varying heights and wheelchair-bound users; compatible with Labconco BSCs, hoods and enclosures
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