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Voltage Weighing Capacity Readability Balance Type Pan Size Model Draft Shield Type Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120/240 V120 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmSecuraMicroSECURA124-1S $4,7705-7 Days Stocked
120/240 V220 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmSecuraMicroSECURA224-1S $5,2855-7 Days Stocked


  • Secura Analytical Balances fulfill high reliability requirements for applications in regulated areas, such as pharmaceutical labs
  • Automatically monitors ambient conditions for better measurement results, prevents handling errors and increases reliability
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized changes
  • Designed for use in Laminar air flow environments with LevelControl and a pan draft shield (models 124 and 224 only)
  • LevelControl System—an optoelectronic sensor with alarm function ensures that balance is perfectly level
  • Automatic Calibration with isoCAL—user-determined, fully automatic temperature- and time-controlled internal adjustment to ensure consistently accurate results
  • Traceable sample identification for compliance with ISO, GLP, and GMP with the ability to define individual identifiers
  • Output can be blocked when questionable weighing results are detected due to incorrect calibration and leveling
  • Cal Audit Trail provides traceable documentation of all calibration and adjustment data inside the balance
  • Convenient built-in weighing applications developed for users in pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Includes universal power adapter, in-use dust cover, application guide, dust cover and draft ring for analytical balances, and draft shield/weighing chamber (dependent upon model)

  • Video of Sartorius Secura Analytical and Precision Balances demonstrating the different functions of the touchscreen Sartorius Secura Analytical and Precision Balances
Video of Sartorius Secura Analytical and Precision Balances demonstrating the different functions of the touchscreen

Features and Benefits

Compliance with ISO, GLP and GMP

Interactive user guide for Secura balances defines identifiers, configures and print data with date and time stamps for traceable sample identification

isoCAL Automatic Calibration

Automatically adjusts uncalibrated Secura balances with internal weights and notifies the operator of incorrect results

Continuous Real-Time LevelControl System

Secura balances continuously monitor the level status and alerts the operator and halts data transfer in the event of detected tilts

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  • Quintix Standard Thermal Line Laboratory Printer

    Printer automatically detects Sartorius balances when connected; includes USB cable, power cable, adapter and paper roll
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