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Voltage Type Material Controls Maximum Temperature Capacity Convection Type Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VEconomyCoated SteelAnalog210°C1.7 cu. ft.GravityPrecision CompactPR305225G $1,0215-7 Days Stocked
120 VEconomyStainless SteelDigital210°C1.7 cu. ft.MechanicalPrecision CompactPR305225M $2,3955-7 Days Stocked


  • Ideal for low volume or individual heating/drying applications such as small materials testing
  • Double-wall interior and status indicator light
  • Gravity convection features: gentle drying with low turbulence vertical airflow, overtemperature protection with preset high-temperature safety, analog, temperature display, bimetallic thermostat and aluminum interior
  • Mechanical convection features: fast drying, uniform heating, precise temperature and fast drying, LED display, hydraulic thermostat and stainless-steel interior
  • Standard Features: Double-wall interior with 0.5 cm (1 in.) silica-based insulation, pilot light shows operating status and powder-coated CR steel case material
  • Temperature range: Ambient +5 to 210°C (41 to 410 °F)
  • Volume capacity: 1.7 cu. ft. (48.1L)
  • Additional shelf sold separately
  • Includes: 1 fixed and 2 adjustable shelves


  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Percision Compact Heating and Drying Oven Thermo Fisher Compact Heating and Drying Oven
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