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Type Tip Style Tip Angle Head AnglePriceUsually Ships inStocked
Diamond ScriberFine60°30° $211-3 Days Stocked
Diamond ScriberFine60°Straight $331-3 Days Stocked
Diamond ScriberFine90°Straight $301-3 Days Stocked
Diamond ScriberHeavy90°30° $281-3 Days Stocked
Diamond ScriberHeavy90°Straight $291-3 Days Stocked
Diamond ScriberN/AN/ADiascribe $341-3 Days Stocked


  • High-quality, hand-held scribing tools suitable for industrial and laboratory use, including wafer tagging
  • Polished natural diamond that scribes fine lines in a metals, ceramic, silicone and plastic
  • High-precision angled tips for accessing tight spaces and allows an unobstructed view of what is being scribed
  • Ideal for low-tolerance R & D operations, cleaning solder or trimming resistors on hybrids
  • Scribers are available in several tip designs and handle designs to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Hex Scribes: hexagonal aluminum-handle scribes feature an extra-sturdy design and are ideal for hard-to reach places
  • Select desired head and diamond tip angle and type of tip (non-refillable)
  • Diascribe: diamond tip is exposed by twisting the pen's handle

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