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Voltage Type Temperature Range Platform Size Shaking Speed Temperature Control Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VIncubatorAmbient +10 to 60°C18" x 18"15-500 rpmYesMaxQSHKE4000 $9,52410-20 Days
120 VIncubatorAmbient +10 to 80°C18" x 18"15-500 rpmYesMaxQSHKE4000-5 $9,84310-20 Days
120 VIncubator/RefrigeratorAmbient -15°C to 60°C18" x 18"15-500 rpmYesMaxQSHKE4000-7 $11,49010-20 Days
240 VIncubatorAmbient +10 to 60°C18" x 18"15-500 rpmYesMaxQSHKE4000-1CE $9,52410-20 Days
240 VIncubatorAmbient +10 to 80°C18" x 18"15-500 rpmYesMaxQSHKE4000-6CE $9,84310-20 Days
240 VIncubator/RefrigeratorAmbient -15°C to 60°C18" x 18"15-500 rpmYesMaxQSHKE4000-8CE $11,49010-20 Days


  • High-capacity shaker with incubation (refrigeration option available)
  • Variable speed range: 15 to 500 rpm
  • PID temperature controller provides precision, accurate within ±0.1°C at 37°C
  • Triple eccentric drive for smooth shaking of heavy loads
  • Soft-start function slowly ramps up shaking speed to prevent spillage
  • Built-in safety sensors for over-temperature conditions, unbalanced loads and abnormal speed fluctuations
  • High-limit adjustment screw for automatic shutoff in case of over-temperature (low-limit adjustment screw included on refrigeration-equipped models)
  • Brushless DC motor does not require any maintenance
  • Spacious chamber holds six two-liter flasks
  • Three digital displays allow users to view speed, time and temperature simultaneously
  • Timer function can be set in minutes or hours (or continuous operation)
  • 19mm (0.75") orbit
  • Max load: 50 lbs. (22.7kg)
  • Scratch-resistant, clear-acrylic lid features lift-assisting gas pistons that hold the lid open
  • Shaking automatically shuts off when lid is opened
  • Users can recalibrate shaking speed and temperature readings on-site
  • RS232 connection available for PC monitoring
  • Applications: cell culturing, staining, hybridization, bacterial suspension
  • Requires a universal platform with detachable vessel clamps (purchased separately) for operation

Features and Benefits

Thermo Scientific MaxQ 4000 Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shaker

Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 4000 series of orbital shakers offer incubation and refrigeration functionality, in addition to high-capacity, heavy-duty shaking.

Shaker; Benchtop, MaxQ 4000, Large Digital, Incubated, 120 V

Shaker; Benchtop, MaxQ 4000, Large Digital, Incubated, 120 V

Spacious Shaker Chamber by Thermo Fisher Scientific

MaxQ Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shakers feature a spacious chamber platform and a scratch-resistant lid for sample viewing; MaxQ 4000 (shown)

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  • Incu-Shaker MAGic Clamp Tube Racks and Microplate Holders

    Sophisticated overtemperature and over-speed controls ensure long life, safety and sample integrity. The Incu-Shaker™ series is designed for continuous operation and is capable of handling heavy workloads with a powerful, brushless induction drive.
  • Incu-Shaker Mini with MAGic Clamp Platform

    MAGic Clamp™ platforms and accessories make changing between flask clamps of different sizes easy. Incu-Shaker™ Mini accepts two 1-Liter Erlenmeyer flasks; extremely compact at 11 in. wide.
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