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Type Load Capacity Top Material Top Design Width Depth HeightPriceUsually Ships inStocked
Work Platform70 lbGraniteSolid13"15"1.25" $86312-22 Days
Work Platform70 lbGraniteSolid16"21"1.25" $1,1275-7 Days Stocked
Work Platform140 lbGraniteSolid18"26"1.25" $2,0295-7 Days Stocked
Work Platform140 lbGraniteSolid16"21"1.25" $1,3075-7 Days Stocked


  • Versatile, light-weight platforms isolate vibration in the X-Y plane
  • Boosts accuracy of high-precision work, reduces operator fatigue and nausea caused by vibrations
  • Easy installation - just slide the Granite Isolator under the measurement device
  • Shows no degradation in performance after more than 10 years of use
  • Can be used as a platform in addition to pneumatic isolators for additional damping capabilities
  • Granite, silicone supports, and ABS plastic base
  • Cleanroom-compatible materials won't outgas or generate particulate
  • Excellent horizontal (X/Y) vibration isolation with a natural frequency of 2.4 Hz
  • Three sizes to choose from with load capacity up to 140 lbs.

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