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HoodPolypropyleneWhiteLSnapClean $36315-21 Days
HoodPolypropyleneWhiteLSnapClean & Sterile $43415-21 Days
HoodPolypropyleneWhiteMSnapClean $22815-21 Days
HoodPolypropyleneWhiteMSnapClean & Sterile $43415-21 Days


  • IsoClean biologically and chemically inert Tyvek® ensures maximum particle containment, static dissipation, maximum liquid shielding, minimum shedding
  • Lightweight and flexible—easy to put on and remove, comfortable to work in
  • Recommended for cleanroom applications in electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductor industries
  • IsoClean hoods come with bound seams and offer assured sterility with proper processing
  • Clean processed in an ISO 4 cleanroom
  • Non-woven Tyvek used in IsoClean garments is a highly effective contamination control fabric resistant to penetration by airborne particles, dirt, grease, biological agents and a broad range of chemicals

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