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Voltage Type Tank Capacity Temperature Range Heated Power Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VStainless Steel Tank3 L20 to 150°CYes1000W9012504 $3,0715-7 Days Stocked
120 VStainless Steel Tank6 L20 to 150°CYes1000W9012506 $3,4205-7 Days Stocked
120 VStainless Steel Tank8.5 L20 to 150°CYes1000W9012512 $3,8265-7 Days Stocked
120 VStainless Steel Tank19 L20 to 150°CYes1000W9012526 $4,3765-7 Days Stocked


  • CORIO™ CD line features increased heating power, with a working temperature range from +20°C to +150°C
  • Heated Circulators include built-in pump connections (rear) for circulation through external applications
  • Small items may be placed directly into the bath while connected to an external system
  • Available in 4L, 6L, 12L and 26L max filling volumes (size of lid/opening varies)
  • Handled lid makes the internal bath accessible while remaining cool to the touch
  • Whisper-quiet operation and bright, easy-to-read LED display operated by the splash-proof keypad
  • Switches between internal and external circulation with the push of a lever
  • USB connection allows remote PC control and data-logging using a flash drive
  • Insulated, stainless steel bath tank has a front-facing drain port and recessed handles on the front and rear
  • Includes integrated cooling coil for maintaining near-ambient temperatures
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  • Julabo Thermal Bath Fluids

    Thermal Bath Fluids in EG and C10 units are optimized for maximum performance with Julabo temperature control units. Delivered in containers with drain tap included, the fluids are low viscosity, high stability, low odor, and low corrosion/toxicity.
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