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Voltage Configuration Maximum Speed Speed Range Plug Type Platform Size Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VRocker40 rpmVariableUS Plug13" x 5"BlotBotFRB120 $7,02710-16 Days
120 VRocker40 rpmVariableUS Plug13" x 5"BlotBotFRB240 $7,61310-16 Days


  • Automated delivery and removal of buffers/reagents for unattended dispensing and pouring of liquids
  • Dispenses and recovers different antibodies or reagents in each tray
  • Requires no connection to vacuum, pressurized air, gas or additional pumps
  • Intuitive programming allows users to replicate existing wash protocols
  • Adjustable rocking speed and time, and dispensing volume
  • Nalgene bottles, Trays, Reagents and Reservoirs available
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