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Digihelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-4.0" WC $48015-21 Days
Digihelic® Pressure GaugeDigital0-1.0" WC $62640-46 Days
Digihelic® Pressure GaugeDigital0-5.0" WC $49240-46 Days
Digihelic® Pressure GaugeDigital1.0-0-1.0" WC $64640-46 Days
Magnehelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-0.5" WC $1531-3 Days Stocked
Magnehelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-1.0" WC $15315-21 Days
Magnehelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-2.0" WC $13415-17 Days
Magnehelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-3.0" WC $1531-3 Days Stocked
Magnehelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-4.0" WC $1621-3 Days Stocked
Minihelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-0.5" WC $1481-3 Days Stocked
Minihelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-1.0" WC $1275-11 Days
Minihelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-2.0" WC $10015-21 Days
Minihelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-3.0" WC $100
Minihelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-5.0" WC $10015-21 Days
Photohelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-0.5" WC $35915-21 Days
Photohelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-1.0" WC $42915-21 Days
Photohelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-2.0" WC $41315-21 Days
Photohelic® Pressure GaugeAnalog0-3.0" WC $4861-3 Days Stocked


  • MAGNEHELIC and PHOTOHELIC differential pressure gauges maintain positive pressure necessary to block inrushing contaminants
  • Meets the requirements set forth in FED STD 209E
  • Incorporates an exclusive MAGNEHELIC Principle that eliminates wear, backlash, and hysteresis
  • This system avoids wear and physical contact, which might destroy the accuracy and sensitivity of the instrument
  • Measure and control both positive and negative low air or gas pressures
  • Provide an ideal way of monitoring and controlling the positive pressure differential required for cleanrooms
  • Enable you to meet ISO/FED STD 209E regarding cleanroom pressure
  • Ideal for measuring differential pressure in glove boxes and air flow in exhaust hoods
  • MAGNEHELIC Principle ensures wear-free accuracy within 2% of full scale
  • Applicable when gauging air filters, monitoring air conditioning systems, and measuring static air pressure and air vehicles


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