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ChairTubular SteelBlack17" - 21"Not IncludedArmorSeatWith FootringGGS-L-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGS-L-RC-C-BLACK $3655-7 Days Stocked
ChairTubular SteelNavy17" - 21"Not IncludedArmorSeatWith FootringGGS-L-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGS-L-RC-C-NAVY $3655-7 Days Stocked
ChairTubular SteelBlack17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatWith FootringGGS-H-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGS-H-RC-C-BLACK $4015-7 Days Stocked
ChairCast AluminumBlack17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGA-L-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGA-L-RC-C-BLACK $3175-7 Days Stocked
ChairCast AluminumNavy17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGA-L-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGA-L-RC-C-NAVY $3165-7 Days Stocked
ChairCast AluminumBlack21" - 31"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGA-H-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGA-H-RC-C-BLACK $3305-7 Days Stocked
ChairCast AluminumNavy21" - 30"IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGA-H-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGA-H-RC-C-NAVY $3305-7 Days Stocked
ChairPolished AluminumBlack17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGW-L-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGW-L-RC-C-BLACK $3295-7 Days Stocked
ChairPolished AluminumNavy17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGW-L-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGW-L-RC-C-NAVY $3295-7 Days Stocked
ChairPolished AluminumBlack21" - 31"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGW-H-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGW-H-RC-C-BLACK $3385-7 Days Stocked
ChairPolished AluminumNavy21" - 31"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGW-H-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGW-H-RC-C-NAVY $3385-7 Days Stocked
ChairTubular SteelNavy17" - 22"IncludedArmorSeatWith FootringGGS-H-RCWaterfallSafety CastersGGS-H-RC-C-NAVY $4035-7 Days Stocked
ChairTubular SteelESD Black17" - 22"IncludedArmorSeatWith FootringGGS-L-RKWaterfallESD Safety CastersGGS-L-RK-K-Black $4405-7 Days Stocked
ChairCast AluminumESD Black17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGA-L-RKWaterfallESD Safety CastersGGA-L-RK-K-Black $4295-7 Days Stocked
ChairPolished AluminumESD Black17" - 22"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGW-L-RKWaterfallESD Safety CastersGGW-L-RK-K-Black $4405-7 Days Stocked
ChairTubular SteelESD Black24" - 31"Not IncludedArmorSeatWith FootringGGS-H-RKWaterfallESD Safety CastersGGS-H-RK-K-Black $4805-7 Days Stocked
ChairCast AluminumESD Black21" - 31"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGA-H-RKWaterfallESD Safety CastersGGA-H-RK-K-Black $4415-7 Days Stocked
ChairPolished AluminumESD Black21" - 31"Not IncludedArmorSeatW/O FootringGGW-H-RKWaterfallESD Safety CastersGGW-H-RK-K-Black $4475-7 Days Stocked


  • Rugged, versatile seating suitable for use in laboratories and cleanrooms where harsh chemical agents are used
  • Polypropylene material includes UV inhibitors and antimicrobial properties
  • Metal components are chrome-plated for cleanliness and corrosion-resistance
  • Contoured seat features a waterfall-front and fixed 6° rearward tilt
  • Pneumatic seat height control, backrest height adjustment, and backrest tilt adjustment
  • Includes polyurethane resistance casters that prevent rolling when chair is unoccupied
  • Optional static control/ESD package replaces chair components with conductive versions and adds a grounding chain
  • BioFit chairs are highly customizable; speak with a Terra representative for more options

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