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Detection Channels Detection Wavelength Detection Modes Slide Capacity Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
2488 nmFluorescent1 SlideSLMS2B $39,02015-21 Days
2570/670 nmFluorescent1 SlideSLMS2 $37,73415-21 Days
6VariableFluorescent1 SlideSLMST $66,26915-21 Days


  • SpotLight 2 and SpotLight Turbo Microarray Scanners provide affordable microarray detection ideal for quantitative differential expression studies
  • Cool excitation and high-sensitivity light capturing technology features provide efficient, accurate and cost-effective solutions for high-quality microarray fluorescence scanning
  • Scans all types of slide based microarrays
  • High-sensitivity light capturing technology increases detectivity, reduces background noise and provides faster capture times
  • Compatible with all types of surface chemistries including glass, plastic, hydrogels, nitrocellulose and nylon
  • Resolution: 10 µm
  • 2-color models detect Cy3, Cy5 and FITC (Blue Edition #SLMS2B)
  • 6-color turbo model detect Cy3, Cy5, FITC and 3 additional channels
  • 2-color models compatible with MAPIX®, GenePix® and other software packages
  • 2-color Blue Edition model with blue excitation source for FITC 488 nm detection
  • 6-color model with proprietary high numerical aperture lenses captures more signals
  • Signal-to-background up to 10X higher versus other commercial scanners
  • Optional detection labels: chemiluminescent and colorimetric
  • Custom filter sets (sold separately)
  • Includes: scanner, test microarrays, BioBlue Mini Computer, LED flat panel display, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, power supply and cables

Features and Benefits

Microarray Scanner Sensitivity and Range

16-bit TIFF image of data acquired from a single-channel, fluorescence scan shows the sensitivity and dynamic range of the SpotLight™ 2 Scanner

Software Detection of Cy3 and Cy5 dyes

SpotLight 2 Microarray Scanner software pre-scans microarray substrate slide for easy identification of the microarray location before final scan mode

High-Performance Instrument Cleaner--InnoScan 910 Microarray Scanners

Arrayit High-Performance Instrument Cleaner for use with InnoScan 910 Series Microarray Scanners removes, particulates, fingerprints, dust and other contaminants from microarray device.
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