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Detection Channels Detection Wavelength Detection Modes Slide Capacity Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
2532/635 nmFluorescent1 Slide910 $111,03815-19 Days
2532/635 nmFluorescent24 Slides910AL $142,46415-19 Days
3488/532/635 nmFluorescent24 Slides1100AL $183,50815-19 Days


  • InnoScan High-Performance Fluorescence Microarray Scanners with a proprietary rotary motion controller for fast scanning speeds are ideal in high throughput labs where accuracy and productivity are paramount
  • Real-time auto-focusing increases sensitivity and reduce signal-to-noise ratio; eliminates false-negatives and false-positives
  • Provides uniform scanning across entire substrate slide/chip surface; easily adjusts to temperature changes and mechanical perturbations
  • Performs batch processing, automatic spot flagging and barcode scanning for clinical and diagnostic applications
  • Available in two-color (910 and 910AL) or three-color (1100AL) detection systems
  • Autoloader (AL) models attachable to liquid handling systems
  • Excellent photometric properties in sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Compatible with all types of microarray substrates
  • Scans low, medium and high density microarray slides
  • Applications: Research and clinical labs involved in genomics, proteomics, diagnostics and pharmaceutical drug discovery
  • Proprietary rotary scanning architecture permits the fastest scanning speeds
  • Capable of achieve submicron scan resolutions (1100AL) ideal for low, medium and high-density microarrays for genomics, proteomics, diagnostics and pharmaceutical drug discovery
  • Models includes: Mapix software, 22" LED screen, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, calibration slide and cables; BioBlue Computing manages 5.74 GB data files produced by 1 µm scanning
  • Included Mapix® software provides real-time adjustment of scanning intensity, easy channel balancing, data quantitation and data export
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