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Detection Channels Detection Wavelength Detection Modes Slide Capacity Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
2532/635 nmFluorescent1 Slide710 $58,66215-19 Days
2532/635 nmFluorescent24 Slides710AL $96,37315-19 Days
2670/785 nmFluorescent1 Slide710IR $63,69015-19 Days
2670/785 nmFluorescent24 Slides710IRAL $101,40115-19 Days


  • InnoScan 710 2-Color Fluorescence Microarray Scanners available in standard, infrared (IR) and autoloader combination models
  • Compact and portable units accommodate a host of fluorescent dyes and feature dynamic auto-focusing for unparalleled reduction in signal-to-noise ratio
  • Performs batch processing, barcode scanning and automatic spot flagging ideal for clinical and diagnostic applications
  • Autoloader models 710AL and 710IRAL (with infrared detection) models provide high-resolution, high-speed fluorescence scanning of all standard glass microarrays
  • Infrared models 710IR and 710IRAL detect 670 nm (cyanine 5.5) and 785 nm (infrared dye)
  • Dynamic auto-focusing features increases signal intensity, adjustment to temperature changes, mechanical perturbation and reduces background noise
  • Proprietary rotary scanning architecture allows the fastest scanning speeds, reduces vibrational noise and increases image quality
  • Scans entire 25 x 76 mm substrate slide in 3 minutes
  • High resolution acquisition system: scans spot sizes down to 30 µm diameter
  • Adjustable scan resolution from 3 µm to 40 µm
  • Ideal for both in situ and ex situ microarrays
  • 710 and 710AL models detect 532 nm (cyanine 3) and 635 nm (cyanine 5)
  • Compatible IR dyes: IRDye 800 RS (Li-Cor), DyLight 800 (Pierce) and Alexa Fluor 790 (Invitrogen)
  • Compatible with: Arrayit microarrays and major brands of open platform microarray products
  • Applications: clinical and diagnostic applications
  • Includes: Mapix software(data acquisition and image analysis software), automatic spot recognition, powerful image analysis, computer and monitor, and complimentary software upgrades for one year

Features and Benefits

InnoScan Auto-Focusing for Uniform Microarray Scanning

Arrayit InnoScan 710 Microarray Scanners scan the entire substrate surface uniformily. eilimnates disruption in fluorescent emission caused by temperature changes

Arrayit InnoScan 710 Mapix Software

Arrayit InnoScan 710 Fluorescence Microarray Scanners include Mapix Data Acquisition Software with automatic spot searching and slide grid alignment
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