• SweepSONIK2D™ Generators operate at 40, 72 or 104kHz

• Constantly varies the ultrasonic frequency (± 2kHz) to minimize cavitation damage

• MultiSONIK™ generator cycles through a preset sequence of frequencies (40, 72 and 104kHz)

• Self-diagnostic circuits indicate status of the ultrasonic generator

• 316L stainless steel process tanks

• Applications: semiconductors, microelectronic components, optics

• Large upper flange permits easy workbench mounting

• Front-mounted control knob and remote activation contact

• Includes a tank drain, a valve in stainless steel

• Optional work basket and lid

• High-efficiency piezoelectric transducers bonded to the bottom of the tank

• Optional PLC controller for programming/randomizing frequencies on the MultiSONIK™


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