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PriceUsually Ships inStocked
Non-DissipativeBlue120"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeBlue240"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeBlue360"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeBlue480"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeGrey120"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeGrey240"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeGrey360"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Non-DissipativeGrey480"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeBlue120"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeBlue240"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeBlue360"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeBlue480"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeGrey120"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeGrey240"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeGrey360"78" Request Quote10-16 Days
Static-DissipativeGrey480"78" Request Quote10-16 Days


  • Cleans easily with a detergent solution and squeegee
  • Tolerates heavy loads, and is non-toxic and resistant to most chemicals.
  • Goes on working for years if cleaned regularly
  • Available as mats, runners, or for wall-to-wall installation
  • Mats and floor coverings remove even the finest particles of foot-borne contamination
  • All sizes and colors are also available with static-dissipative and non-dissipative properties

Features and Benefits

Clean-Zone Floor Covering Mat

Clean-Zone is supplied in standard rolls, to be professionally installed as a wall-to-wall floor covering, creating a permanent and unavoidable trap for dirt.

Protectamat Polyester Floor Mat

Protectamat is a loose-laid polyester mat that attracts contaminating particles, 4-feet (1219 mm) wide, and available in lengths of 2', 3'3", 6'6", 10', and 13'
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