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MicrodenierNavy BlueXSShirt $165-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueXSPants $175-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueXLShirt $165-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueXLPants $175-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueLShirt $165-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueLPants $175-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueMShirt $165-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueMPants $175-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy Blue2XLShirt $185-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy Blue2XLPants $195-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueSShirt $165-7 Days Stocked
MicrodenierNavy BlueSPants $175-7 Days Stocked


• Comfortable, unisex undergarments for wear underneath cleanroom coveralls or coats

• Treated for low particle counts

• Durable and easy to clean

• Fully elastic waist on pants

• Elastic leg cuffs with snaps for adjustment

• Safety stitched throughout

• Available in shirts and pants

• Bound round neck collar

• Long sleeves with poly knit cuffs

• Vents on each side seam

• Lined placket front closure with three snaps

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