• Compact, self-contained unit automatically controls waste-disposal stream pH

• For use with wet processing stations, tech benches, fume hoods, semiconductor plating/cleaning stations and acid exhaust hoods.

• Standard two-stage system (third stage optional)

• Acid- or alkaline-neutralizing chemicals are introduced via a metering pump

• Larger systems use pressure-control valves

• Constructed of 0.5”-thick, thermo-welded polypropylene.

• Chemical-resistant tanks range from 5 to 500 gpm capacity (sizes larger than 100 gpm include skids)

• Custom built to accommodate size, throughput and equipment specifications; talk to a Terra Product Specialist for more details

• Calibrate sensors and establish set-points.

• Effluent automatically releases when pH reaches set-point; continuous or batched discharge, depending on flow rate and acceptable pH

• Digital chart-recorder monitors and documents the waste-stream discharge based on the programmed limits

• Notifications of high and low pH, as well as low reagent levels, alert users of system status

• Includes secondary containment

• Options include on-board reagent tank, remote alarms, ethernet access for remote signaling


• Weight, Shipping 135 lb

• Dimension, Shipping

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