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Design Material Configuration Width Depth Height ShelvesPriceUsually Ships inStocked
Free Standing304 Stainless SteelHEPA-Filtered24"24"38"3 Shelves $3,4604-6 Days
Free Standing304 Stainless SteelHEPA-Filtered36"24"38"3 Shelves $3,9441-3 Days Stocked
Free Standing304 Stainless SteelHEPA-Filtered48"24"38"3 Shelves $5,1534-6 Days
Free StandingPolypropyleneHEPA-Filtered24"24"38"3 Shelves $2,0694-6 Days
Free StandingPolypropyleneHEPA-Filtered36"24"38"3 Shelves $2,6364-6 Days
Free StandingPolypropyleneHEPA-Filtered48"24"38"3 Shelves $3,2014-6 Days


• Locking double doors with stainless steel door reinforcement frames include transparent viewing windows made of static-dissipative PVC

• Adjustable perforated shelves facilitate laminar airflow through the storage area for optimal particle control

• HEPA Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) create a Class 10/ISO 4 particle-free environment for storing sensitive materials, such as semiconductor devices

• Static-dissipative PVC is a durable, chemical-resistant material that protects parts against static charges and the particles they attract

• Lowest noise level of any low-profile fan unit: 50 dBA, measured 30" (762 mm) from filter face

• The standard cabinet comes with three reinforced shelves, which feature 0.75" (19 mm)-diameter perforations to optimize the vertical laminar airflow (order HEPA FFU separately)

• The bottom shelf is fixed 17" (432 mm) above the floor; the other two shelves are easy to adjust at 1" (25 mm) increments to suit your part sizes

Popular Accessories

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  • Ionizing Bar
    For use on 24" x 48" ( 610 x 1219 mm) filter/fan units only (Order FFUs separately).
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