• Includes mirror-finished stainless steel control panel assembly installed at the cleanroom entrance and one LED status indicator installed in each cleanroom corner
  • Control Panel assembly includes power controls for Fan/Filter Units, lights, and all system options (Designed for panels externally mounted)
  • One required per cleanroom - additional units maybe specified for multiple entrances
  • All electrical lines terminate in quick-connect fittings for easy installation
  • Status indicator lights glow continuously to show FFUs are turned on and flash to indicate that FFUs are turned off
  • Includes Tier 1 graphic console


Control Level: Tier 1

Data Logging: Yes

Display: 2.4"

FFU Control: Remote

Max # of FFU's: 50

Max # of Rooms: 5

Unit of Measure: EA


Features and Benefits

Pre-Installed Electrical Components

Pre-installed electrical components are housed in the power distribution module

Quick-Connect Fittings

FFUs and lights can be easily added as cleanrooms requirements change, or disconnected for maintenance, without the need to run additional power lines or involve an electrician.

Cleanroom Control Panel

Cleanroom Control Panels are typically mounted at the main entry of the cleanroom (custom model shown with Digihelic® room pressure gauges and thermo-hygrometers).

Operation Status Indicator Light

Modular Cleanrooms include a status indicator light in each corner, which glows when fan/filter units are operating and blinks when they are inactive.

Night Service Saves Energy, Extends Filter Life!

Night service switch, shown mounted on Modular Hardwall Cleanroom panel, puts FFUs in low-energy mode during off-hours; saves 25% of fan operating costs and extends filter life.
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