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Stainless Steel 29.9" Hg $27,69030-40 Days
Stainless Steel 29.9" Hg $4,1501-3 Days Stocked


• Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber meets a host of processing needs in industries from pharmaceuticals to microelectronics

• Double-wall stainless steel construction supports vacuums to 29.9" Hg and makes it ideal for use with corrosive materials

• Ideal for contamination-sensitive applications: the smooth interior surfaces minimize exposure to particles and moisture

• 8" (203 mm) square tempered-glass window mounted in the access door allows full visibility of stored parts,

• Silicone gasket ensures an air-tight seal when the door is latched shut

• Dual carrying handles simplify transport of the unit

• 0-30" vacuum gauge and dual metering valves allow easy connection for vacuum pumping and bleeding

• Airtight design also allows you to transport materials under negative pressure from one work station to another

• Versatile 304 stainless steel chamber provides a vacuum environment for degassing, plastics curing, chemical processing, moisture removal, and a host of other operations

• Safely supports vacuums to 29.9" Hg

• Double-wall stainless steel construction adds durability, safely contains corrosive chemicals

• Dual metering valves allow simple, controlled application of negative pressure and safe bleeding

• Also ideal for transporting parts in a vacuum environment

• Call to discuss custom sizes or applications, including cable feed-throughs


Vacuum Chambers

  • Steel Vacuum Chamber Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber
Steel Vacuum Chamber

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  • Electrode Feedthrough
    Optional cord/cable feed-throughs for power cords, sensor cables, data lines and thermocouple connectors.
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