• UVP Crosslinker CL-3000M for disinfecting applications in hospitals and microbiology labs
  • Crosslinking of DNA and RNA to nylon or nitrocellulose membranes
  • Wavelength: midrange 302 nm
  • Immobilizes nucleic acid to membranes
  • Microprocessor with 10 protocols delivers precise UV doses for various disinfection applications
  • Applications: eliminates amplicons during PCR sample preparation, microarray fabrication, cross-linking RNA and protein, skin cancer research, vaccine research and processes requiring UV light
  • Fixed distance between sample and UVC source to ensure uniform dosing
  • Embedded radiometer calibrated to NIST traceable standards to ensure reproducible dosing
  • Shorter disinfection cycles with higher UVC output
  • Safety Interlock prevents accidental exposure
  • Small footprint to accommodate limited spaces and/or decentralization
  • Closed system accommodates scaling up strategies
  • LED Display
  • Certifications:  CE, RoHS (CSA In Process)
  • Bulbs:6 x 8 Watt
  • Energy: 0000.1 - 9999.9 mJ/cm² (0 - 10 J/cm²)
  • Time: 000:01 - 999:59 (>300 J/cm²)
  • Temperature: 15⁰C - 35⁰C
  • Humidity: 70% Non-Condensing
  • Altitude:  up to 3,000M (9,842 ft)
  • Sound Level: ≤ 50 dba
  • Housing Surface Temp: ≤ 30⁰C
  • Startup Time:< 1 sec
  • Internal dimension: 10.62 x 13.77 x 6.30


Manufactured by: Analytik Jena

Wavelength: 302 nm

Manufacturer SKU: 849-95-0615-03

Unit of Measure: EA


Marks & Listings: CE

Electrical Specifications: 115 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, Product: 15.74" W x 16.14" D x 10.43" H

UV Sterilization

  • COVID-19 Contamination Control Products by Terra Universal

Features and Benefits

Effective Viral Inactivation

Model CL-3000 with a built-in radiometer calibrated to a NIST traceable standard ensures consistent doses throughout and produces a cumulative dose of up to 10J/cm2

Disinfects N95 Respirator Masks

CL-3000 254 nm shortwave model disinfects up to 6 N95 masks in five minutes

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