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NoLP‐V‐1111‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO1000 mm950 mmDualTwoSpectra V-Series $19,52315-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐8L‐90‐115UUnited States750 mmSingleOneSpectra V-Series $7,15015-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐81‐90‐115UUnited States800 mm800 - 950 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $9,59915-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐18‐90‐115UUnited States1000 mm750 - 750 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $8,91415-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐11‐90‐115UUnited States1000 mm1000 - 950 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $9,69815-20 Days
NoLP-V-28-90-115UUnited States750 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $8,92915-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐21‐90‐115UUnited States1200 - 950 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $9,71415-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐8L‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO750 mmSingleOneSpectra V-Series $7,21615-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐88‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO800 mm750 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $8,87815-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐81‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO800 mm950 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $9,66315-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐18‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO1000 mm750 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $8,97815-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐11‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO1000 mm950 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $9,76315-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐28‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO1200 mm750 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $8,99415-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐21‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO1200 mm950 mmSingleTwoSpectra V-Series $9,77915-20 Days
NoLP‐V‐1111‐90‐115UUnited States1000 mm950 mmDualTwoSpectra V-Series $19,39415-20 Days
YesLP‐V‐TM‐8888‐90‐115UUnited States800 mm750 mmTandemTwoSpectra V-Series $15,87115-20 Days
YesLP‐V‐TM‐1811‐90‐115UUnited States1000 mm750 mmTandemTwoSpectra V-Series $15,51815-20 Days
YesLP‐V‐TM‐8888‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO800 mm750 mmTandemTwoSpectra V-Series $15,93515-20 Days
YesLP‐V‐TM‐1811‐90‐115ICanadian & International ISO1000 mm750 mmTandemTwoSpectra V-Series $15,58315-20 Days


• Customizable electronic articulating surgical room pendants with a 340-degree rotation

• Available in single, dual and tandem mounted models

• Select models include V-Series vertical arm and L-series arm

• Electric braking system delivers smooth, no drift movement and seamless infection control

• Integrated Equipment Rails enable multiple accessories to be positioned

Customizable options: electrical outlets, medical gas services, data outlets, shelves drawers, vertical articulating upgrades and more

Dual mount models include dual mounting plate to accommodate two booms or one boom and one light system

Tandem mount models include boom plus light system

• Single arm models feature the V-Series vertical articulation arm

• V-Series Vertical Range: +/- 22.5 degrees from horizontal

• L-Series horizontal articulating arm

• Rotation Capability of all models: 340 degree

• Max Pay Load: 330 lbs. (V-Series arm); 1800 lbs. (L-Series arm).; payload does not account for service head

• Hinged back door provides easy access to internal components

• Ergonomic handle

• Input Voltage: 120 – 240 VAC



Features and Benefits

Adjustable Height and Smooth Movement

Ergonomic control enables no drift movement when brakes are engaged for smooth maneuverability in the surgical room

Adjustable Shelves

Customizable V-Series models enable positioning of various accessories

Integrated Equipment Rails

Eight integrated equipment rails enable positioning of various accessories in the operating room

Easy Access to Internal Components

Hinged back door enables convenient access to internal components for hassle-free maintenance

Seamless Infection Control

Designed with a seamless infection control to prevent the spread of bacteria inside the operating room
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