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Shelving Systems36"21"63"4A436C $3146-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"21"74"55A437C $3806-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"18"63"4A336C $2776-10 Days
Shelving Systems24"18"63"4A316C $2736-10 Days
Shelving Systems30"18"63"4A326C $2776-10 Days
Shelving Systems42"18"63"4A346C $3176-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"18"63"4A356C $3176-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"18"63"4A366C $3586-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"18"63"4A376C $4086-10 Days
Shelving Systems24"21"63"4A416C $2876-10 Days
Shelving Systems30"21"63"4A426C $3146-10 Days
Shelving Systems42"21"63"4A446C $3516-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"21"63"4A456C $3516-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"21"63"4A466C $3956-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"21"63"4A476C $4596-10 Days
Shelving Systems24"24"63"4A516C $3216-10 Days
Shelving Systems30"24"63"4A526C $3306-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"24"63"4A536C $3306-10 Days
Shelving Systems42"24"63"4A546C $3716-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"24"63"4A556C $3716-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"24"63"4A566C $4196-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"24"63"4A576C $4886-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"18"74"4SA-183674C-S-4 $2836-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"18"74"4SA-184874C-S-4 $3236-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"18"74"4SA-186074C-S-4 $3646-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"18"74"4SA-187274C-S-4 $4146-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"24"74"4SA-243674C-S-4 $3366-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"24"74"4SA-244874C-S-4 $3776-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"24"74"4SA-246074C-S-4 $4256-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"24"74"4SA-247274C-S-4 $4946-10 Days
Shelving Systems24"18"74"55A317C $3306-10 Days
Shelving Systems30"18"74"55A327C $3346-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"18"74"55A337C $3346-10 Days
Shelving Systems42"18"74"55A347C $3856-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"18"74"55A357C $3856-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"18"74"55A367C $4366-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"18"74"55A377C $4996-10 Days
Shelving Systems24"21"74"55A417C $3736-10 Days
Shelving Systems30"21"74"55A427C $3806-10 Days
Shelving Systems42"21"74"55A447C $4276-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"21"74"55A457C $4276-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"21"74"55A467C $4816-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"21"74"55A477C $5626-10 Days
Shelving Systems24"24"74"55A517C $3896-10 Days
Shelving Systems30"24"74"55A527C $4006-10 Days
Shelving Systems36"24"74"55A537C $4006-10 Days
Shelving Systems42"24"74"55A547C $4526-10 Days
Shelving Systems48"24"74"55A557C $4526-10 Days
Shelving Systems60"24"74"55A567C $5126-10 Days
Shelving Systems72"24"74"55A577C $5986-10 Days


  • Pre-configured Metro shelving starter system includes wire shelves and 4 posts
  • Best-in-class traditional wire shelving provides basic storage and transport for dry environments
  • Innovative Super Adjustable Super Erecta design allows for quick and easy assembly and adjustment
  • Open-wire design for less dust build-up, more visibility, and improved fire sprinkler effectiveness
  • Low cost chrome plated shelving is ideal for storage in dry environments
  • Starter Unit: Includes Chrome-plated shelves and (4) posts under one easy-to-order model number.
  • Maximum Space Utilization: The Corner Release System encourages repositioning of shelves during initial assembly to reclaim wasted vertical space. In some cases, reclaimed vertical space will allow an extra shelving tier to be added to the storage unit resulting in a 25% increase in storage capacity!
  • Easily Assembled: The unique Corner Release System enables quick and easy repositioning of shelves during the initial set up to accommodate different package or container sizes. “Total Assembly” is complete only after the shelves are properly spaced to maximize storage. SiteSelect™ Posts, with the double-groove visual guide feature, have circular grooves at 1" (25mm) increments and are numbered at 2" (51mm) intervals to easily identify proper shelf locations.
  • Easily Adjustable: The unique shelf design and SiteSelect™ Posts enable “tool-free”, quick adjustment at 1" (25mm) increments along the entire height of the post.
  • Strong: Super Adjustable™ shelves hold as much weight as traditional Super Erecta wire shelving. Stationary units hold a maximum of 2,000 lb. (910kg). Maximum weight capacity per shelf evenly distributed: (48" [1219mm] or shorter = 800 lb. [363kg]; longer than 48" [1219mm] = 600 lb. [272kg]).
  • Accessories: Compatible with the entire system of Super Erecta shelves and accessories. See Catalog for more information.



InterMetro Shelving Systems

  • Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3 Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3
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