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Filter Diameter Quantity Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
HEPA0.12 µm1 bottleHFI2 $41320-25 Days
HEPA0.12 µmBox of 20 bottlesHF12-BX $5,28620-25 Days
HEPA0.12 µmPack of 6 bottlesHF12-PK $1,98220-25 Days
HEPA0.20 µm1 bottleHF20 $41320-25 Days
HEPA0.20 µmBox of 20 bottlesHF20-BX $5,28620-25 Days
HEPA0.20 µmPack of 6 bottlesHF20-PK $1,98220-25 Days
HEPA0.30 µm1 bottleHF30 $41320-25 Days
HEPA0.30 µmBox of 20 bottlesHF30-BX $5,28620-25 Days
HEPA0.30 µmPack of 6 bottlesHF30-PK $1,98220-25 Days


  • Packed in easy-to-use dropper-tipped bottles to deliver precise volume of beads
  • Tests the effectiveness of HEPA and in-situ filters
  • HEPA-Check beads are aerosolized before introduced to Filter
  • Beads include trace surfactant to inhibit agglomeration
  • Listed as suitable test material by IEST and EN standards
  • HEPA and ULPA filter testing
  • Leak testing of in-situ filters
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